In preparation for the upcoming class  Transitioning From Earth To Heaven ~ Be The Architect Of Your Ideal Death Experience I have reached out to those already signed up for input as to what their greatest worries and concerns are about leaving this life experience.


And there are themes emerging from the responses. One of which I would like to address with you today.


A common theme: I fear dieing not having lived my very best life.


I sat and meditated on this response, asked for guidance and insight and here’s what came through for your consideration. Let’s face and address this fear and create new awarenesses and possibilities to neutralize it. Move to a space of knowing, belief and confidence that when it’s time to leave the body,  you do so KNOWING you enjoyed a full and satisfying life even with all of the ups and downs; twists and turns. You lived your very best life.


Let’s break it down step by step…. 


The first piece to consider is that you  are ALWAYS living your best life, full stop.


What determines the life you live? Your decisions, choices, actions, emotions, vibration; level of consciousness.


No matter what, you are always living your very best life as determined by your thoughts, feelings, emotions, your vibration and consciousness. 


Have you ever heard yourself or someone else say:

I realize now my mom/dad loved me to the level they were capable of loving me.

Or, looking back I now understand mom/dad did their very best according to what they were able and capable of doing. According to what they knew.


Perhaps Now in greater consciousness, you can look back to your past and acknowledge…

With the knowledge I had at that time I made the best decision for me.

With the awareness I had back then I see what I created was my  best.


You are always living your very best life as determined by your level of awareness, consciousness; your vibration.


And every-time you open to a new awareness,  have an ah ha, and take action on that realization, you raise your vibration and expand. You expand into the next experience of living your very best life.


You see you are Always living your best life according to your level of consciousness and vibration. You are always in expansion. Expanding into the next version of you. Engaging in the experience, your very best life.


Now I can hear you saying, So Esther then I fear not being my most expansive Self.


Let’s address that fear.


Universe expands.

In fact scientists say that the Universe is currently in a state of accelerated expansion.

You are part of the Universe as energy being, light, as spirit being.

As above so below.

You are the Universe.

The Universe is within you.

Universe is expanding; you are expanding.

Whether in human form or other, you, as energy, as Spirit, as Light are always expanding to the next level of your experience.


Now here’s the next piece to consider.


When people write: I fear not living my very best life, that statement implies there is an endgame of having achieved the ultimate it can’t get any better then this life.


But there is NO END GAME. There is no ultimate very best life, because you are an eternal being, who is always expanding, transforming, changing and experiencing just like the Universe.


There is nothing to fear. You are always living your very best life.

You are always expanding into the next level of experience of your very best life.

There is no end game.


And rest assured if you are reading this newsletter you are on a conscious journey of Ascension and in a state of conscious expansion.


To fear not living your best life and to believe there is an ultimate very best life that you may or may not attain, is to place limitation, pressure; judgment on self. Being hard on self. Beating yourself up.You are setting yourself up for disappointment, regret; feeling like failure. Not good enough. Not capable. All of those old programs and patternings. All of which you are not.


Instead of holding that fear, what if you declare as your Truth I am always living my very best life. Or I am always expanding.


What would be the result?


Living your very best life.


Now image that  you join me for the upcoming class, and in class design and create your death scenario, those last minutes, to include feeling satisfied and accomplished that you lived your very best life.


I feel accomplished that I wrote my book and it was a best seller.

I am happy I visited all of the places in the world on my bucket list.

I am surrounded by people who love and respect me and I them.

I feel good knowing I created money abundance to give to others as a I pass.


You create everything in your life. You are Creator Being.

Of course you can create your ideal transition experience exactly as you want it to be.


Take a breath.


During class as you design, I guide you through the process and assist you in energetically imprinting that design, the blueprint on your mind, body and energy field. Onto your cells, rewiring your brain to support the creation of your ideal transition experience.


And when class wraps up, you go about your life, living in the present, knowing that energetically you have already created your future transition as YOU want it to be. And as the path of that creation unfolds, everything that shows up from now until then, the inspirations, guidance, people, information, situations and resources all support your ideal transition scenario. And you CREATE IT. Your sole responsibility is to follow the guidance, nudges and inspired action steps.


Oh beauties can you see, feel and sense the depth and breadth of this magnificent process?


Please join me on April 28th for 

 Transitioning From Earth To Heaven ~ Be The Architect Of Your Ideal Death Experience


A dynamic class of energy processes, release work, conscious talk, designing and creating your ideal transition. For more information and details Click Here: Learn more and sign up 


~Love, Esther 


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