January 19th Energy Update: The Sun Moves into the Sign of Aquarius late in the day, the same part of the sky that Venus moved into a couple of days ago. We are swimming in the energy of the Aquarius vibration and I KNOW you can feel it within, and you are seeing it in your reality all around you. What is the energy I write of that will be with us for the next month and helping to kick of 2018 Eclipse Season?…..
Authentic Self
Free Thinking
Let Go of the Old
Time to see with New Eyes, Real Eyes, Realize
Humanitarian efforts
World view
Do your part, every bit counts
Let your Freak Flag Fly
How are you in service?
Is it time to change how you serve to something new more of a vibrational match?
There is no one like you, you are an Original
Intuition on High
Yes you have the words and voice to speak your Truth
You are already free so why do you stay trapped?
Do you Dare to be You?
~Love, Esther
PS. We have taken earth experience to a whole new level.
Eclipse ~ Equinox Energy Event starts January 31, 2018 and runs until March 21st. An Exciting and Life Changing Event that will assist you in making the most of Eclipse Energies for your Ascension Process and manifesting of your dreams. Learn more and register at: Whispers From The Soul

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