This question pops up over and over again when I am conducting channeled readings and/or spiritually mentoring people.

The answer is Yes. You have a Spirit Guide in fact you have many Spirit Guides. They are a wonderful source of guidance and information for you on your life journey.  Spirit Guides want to help you and are often just hanging around waiting for you to ask them for help.

Right now at this very moment I promise you there are Spirit Guides hovering around your energy field just itching to lend a helping hand. These mentors come from the universe, invisible realms and distant places.

Your Spirit Guides may be a family member or ancestor who has transitioned and is concerned about your welfare. My dad who passed when I was 22 years old hovers about 30 Cms above my left eye. He’s always ready with an encouraging word and an interesting aspect of his role is to keep negative energies and people at bay. Thanks dad!

A spirit guide may also be an enlightened person or religious figure such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, a Hindu or other deity.

We have guides who are angels, animal totems, elementals such as gnomes or fairies, plant spirits, aspects of nature and even guides who come from other galaxies or dimensions. The list is endless.



You may even call upon a specific spirit to assist you. For instance suppose you are an artist, a painter in fact and you are stalled on your latest creation. It is entirely appropriate to connect with the spirit of Picasso or Rembrandt to inspire, help and encourage you.

When I conduct channeled readings I have a specific group of non-physical beings I connect who offer their universal guidance and perspective. The moon offers me great wisdom and information. Some of my deceased family members assist and guide me as do elements of nature, the angelic realm and star people.

You can tap into anything and everything is willing to help you on your life path. All you have to do is ask.

What I have learned along the way is that in many situations guides won’t interfere with your decision making because they know there are lessons you came to earth to learn. And if you rely too much on them for decision making they will back off because part of experiencing life is standing in your own power and trusting your intuition to guide and direct you. But they never leave you. Spirit Guides are always present.

How do you know that your Spirit Guides are close by?

You might get a sense or a feeling of them being near. You might hear a whisper in your ear before you fall asleep. You might catch them in a twinkle of light out of the corner of your eye. You might notice them when they are being playful and move objects in your home. You may feel them brush by your shoulder. You may encounter them as a gentle hand pressed upon your back guiding you forward. All signs of Spirit Guides at hand.

Yes you have Spirit Guides, many in fact. Each offer their knowledge and expertise in different areas.  You were not meant to do this journey alone.

In the next blog post I’ll offer you tips on how to connect with them.

~Love, Esther


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