To Create Change, Do I Address The Pattern or Beliefs First?

Some people don’t want to work on their beliefs or thoughts, but they are willing to work on their patterns.

Addressing patterns is a great jumping off point to initiate change because a deep dive into a pattern flushes out limiting beliefs and thoughts.

It’s all one system.

When you think a thought and you think that thought over and over again, it becomes your belief, engrained and embedded into your mindset. That belief will create a system which includes patterns, behaviors, perceptions, concepts of reality, constructs, and it will determine your dominate emotional state. It’s a package.

If you decide that you don’t want to work on your beliefs, you would rather work on your pattern there are two main steps to focus on.

1. Change the pattern by engaging in a new substitute pattern that supports you and your desired outcomes. For example: Every day on my drive home from work, I stop at the fast food drive through and buy enough food for four people, go home, sit on my sofa, watch tv and eat in order to deal with the stress in my life. PATTERN. UNSUPPORTIVE.

Consciously choose to change that pattern to something supportive. For example: On my way home from work I have healthy snacks in my car to tide me over until I can get home and cook a nutritious meal. Or, on my way home from work, I go to the gym, Pilates class, for a walk on the trail, play tennis … and I carry my workout gear with me in my car. Or, on my way home from work, I listen to beautiful frequency music that helps me to soothe my nervous system. NEW PATTERN. SUPPORTIVE.

Begin to change your pattern. Find a supportive substitute for what you are doing now.

2. It is also important to do the INNER WORK.

Turn within and connect with the part or parts of you, responsible for the pattern that you do not want ie. buying junk food to eat when you get home as a means to deal with stress.

Connect with that part of you and with curiosity, love and no judgement, explore it.

Where did the part learn this pattern?
When did it start this pattern?
What is it trying to accomplish by engaging in this pattern?
Does it know it is holding you back from what you want?
Does it know the disruption it is causing?
Does it even know who you are, the asker of the questions?
Does it think it’s in charge of you?
How does the part feel about itself, other people; the world?

There are many questions you can ask the part to bring forward information, into your awareness and it’s awareness, to help both heal, shift and change your energy state and mindset. To help the part fold back into the whole of who you are, and support you in the creation of the life you want to live and experience.

If you want to work on your beliefs and thoughts, I’m your girl. I have been helping clients since 2004 turn within and ask the part. Create awareness that leads to shift and ultimately the change you seek.

If you want to work on your emotional state, I’m your girl.

If you want to work on patterns and behaviours, start there, I’m your girl.

It’s all one system.

Start where you are most comfortable. Just get started.

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Bio: Hi, I’m Esther Bartkiw. I help people change their belief systems and patterns + create inner healing so that they can step forward in the right mindset and energy to manifest and create desired outcomes. Positively transform their day to day reality. Holistic Therapist. Energy Reader. Retreat Leader. Entangled with Light.

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