“Do eewww wanna go faster?” is the  cry of the Carney at local fairs and amusement parks. It always illicits screams of, “Yes,”  accompanied by feelings of excitement, anticipation  and a hint of fear or trepidation.

I was reminded of the cry of the Carney this week while engaging in energy work with a teacher/guide of mine. She was helping me to further open up my Pineal Gland, endocrine system and make adjustments to my DNA. All in the effort to continue to elevate my vibrational field, thus bringing myself into deeper alignment with who I am. This will also assist me on the journey of shifting from one dimension to another.

The energy work is a bit intense and requires extreme focus.  To many it hints of something Hogwortsesque. I set my intentions and motivation for the work and we began. It was a three hour journey.

At one point my facilitator asked me to determine in my mind the speed at which I would like to see the change and integration take place. Her suggestion, as is always the suggestion of every teacher, is to choose slow and steady; for slow and steady can be quite quick on the Universe’s speed chart.

As an energy worker myself and psychotherapist who helps to facilitate change in others, I  know that slow and steady change is what most people can handle . Take a moment to reflect upon your own life during times of change. I am sure you will recall times when the Universe dumped a load of change on you all at once and you felt off balance, out of control and unnerved. A whomp of change is exciting but can make you very wobbly as you  move through it.

There are times when I choose slow and steady, but this time I went against my teacher’s advice and I chose, “As quickly as I can handle.” Even as I was thinking the thought, my Soul whispered to me, “Are you sure?” And I replied, “Oh yes.” 

In the moment I knew it was the right request. I feel grounded enough to handle fast change and I have a wonderful support system of people around me to help me through any wobbles I may encounter.

Now that the energy work is in the integration phase, I am finding it amusing that several times throughout the day that cry of the Carney roars through my head. “Do eewww wanna go faster?”  Each time I hear it I chuckle to myself and think this is what I chose, I wanna go faster.

Some of you might be wondering, “What is happening during this integration phase; how fast are you going?”

It’s been less then 48 hours since the process ended and this is what I can tell you so far. Several  times during the day memories, beliefs, patterns, thoughts pop into my mind out of nowhere. I am being forced to to stop everything and examine them. I am being forced to decide once and for all do I want to keep it or do I want to release it? And I am being asked to get clear on my motivation for keeping or releasing.

Of course I am dumping everything which is not serving me and could possibly hold me back from all that I can be.

What is interesting about this process are the hits I am getting. Stuff from university days, my life on the farm, from my current reality are all flooding to the surface. Some of it is new. Some of it is really old. And All of it I am ready to let go of.

When I say that I am forced to stop everything and look at it, I mean it. I am literally paralyzed from doing anything else until I make a decision. Last night while reading in bed, I had to put down my book several times as one memory after another assaulted my mind looking for resolution.

As soon as I make the decision I feel the release of the old stale energy. When I try to remember what was released I can’t. That is how thorough the release is. Even now I am having a challenge trying to remember what has been let go. This is encouraging to me.

I can already feel the energy shift and I am anticipating the integration process and the subsequent change to quicken. Along the way I keep laughing to myself as I continue to hear the cries of the Carney, “Do eewww wanna go faster?”

~Love, Esther

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