Meet Jack. Jack is significant to me but I have yet to learn his meaning.


Here in Cyprus I like to walk along the sea promenade.
On this particular day I turned right instead of my usual pattern of turning left onto the boardwalk.
Rather then walk on the lower level by the sea I walked above on the bike path.
Within a few meters of my stroll I spotted on the ground face up this playing card…Jack.
There were no other playing cards in sight.


Instantly my body got angel bumps and I knew Jack was a message from Universe.
I actually laughed and looked around to see if I could see one of my spirit guides who may have just placed the card right in front of me.
I stared at the card for a long time knowing it was a message but unclear of the meaning.


So I asked my Spirit Team for guidance and understanding.
They didn’t and still won’t give me a straight answer. In fact I heard them laugh in a lovingly way; having fun with me.
They tell me that knowing everything spoils the magic of life and that it is just enough to know it’s a message from Universe.
It’s not the first time this has happened, my Spirit Team saying just knowing it is a message is enough, now enjoy the unfolding.


I must admit my human self took over trying to figure out what Jack means.
Does it mean a person named Jack will come into my life?
The card is in the suit of hearts, does that mean love is coming my way?
Is it my Divine Masculine beckoning me for attention or telling me he is blending with my Divine Feminine?
Is the message about self-love or the love of humanity?
Perhaps I should take up the game of cards?
Was discovering Jack a move by Universe nudging me to write this post and share information with you?
Right now all  I know is that this experience is significant and I patiently await the unfolding of the message.


I tell you this story to share with you some awareness about deciphering signs and messages from Universe.


  • Signs and messages come in all forms.
  • Universe will get deliver the message even if it means getting you to turn right when you usually turn left.
  • Those angel bumps and body tingles are signals from your Soul Essence to take notice of what is happening. There is information, a truth, something that resonates with you at hand.
  • Trying to figure out with the human mind what the message means can be fun allowing your imagination to wander; however dropping into your heart space to seek the understanding or asking your Guidance for clarity will gleam the information straight from Source.
  • Sometimes the answer doesn’t come immediately; be patient with the process.
  • Sometimes just knowing what you are experiencing is a sign, signal, message is enough.
  • And YES our Spirit Guides and Universe like to have fun with us, play with us, give us a hint of a message and then allow us to experience the magic, fun, joy of life.

 ~Love, Esther

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