December 12th Energy Update: The December 12-25 Galactic Gateway is open and there is much to offer you in the way of information pertaining to today’s energetics. In fact so much is going on I suspect that at times today you may feel like you have had too much coffee or are ready for a snooze because the energy output is high and mighty. So I am going to bullet point for you all of the possibilities presenting an energy weather report if you will.

Mercury and The Sun come together creating OMG, Ah Ha and Now I get it moments. The Sun is illuminating to you what is possible and Mercury in retro (MR) is helping you to take notice of the Sun’s message and take action. While it is not advised to start something brand new during MR, it does not mean you can’t, right? All of those old rules about MR and the fears around MR are 3D and for many of you reading this post long gone; dissolved.

Yesterday I bought a new cell phone a big no no during MR in the past. A few days ago I started a new project with Instagram. I didn’t let MR stop me or sideline me. Both of these actions were actually started in intention and thought months ago, it’s just taken me this long to say, yeah I am ready let’s do it. Are Mercury and the Sun pointing out to you something sitting on the shelf that is ready to be dusted off and finally brought to fruition?

Under this sky if you have something important to say, say it. Perhaps take a moment or two to outline what you are going to say first to avoid any of those MR communication snafus.

And Mercury and The Sun are sprouting new ideas, lots of new ideas. You know those we can do this, and we can do that, and I can do this and how about that….. New ideas may translate to announcements especially on the global scene.

Interestingly on this 12-12 Gateway day, there is a theme of health and wellbeing presenting. It’s time to make your health a priority or if you have been doing just that, notice if any adjustments are to be made. Some people get very regimented around health and while there is nothing wrong with that if it works for you notice if that regiment holds you back in any way. For instance perhaps you would like to be more social but your health regiment always has you saying no to social invitations. There is always a solution ask the Sun to illuminate it and Mercury to deliver the message.

Mercury and the Sun are powering up the energies of this Gateway which culminate during the upcoming Solstice and which will be boosted by New Moon and Saturn’s movement into Capricorn. As the gateway opens today many will feel this powering up. Some will welcome it as fuel for creation and others will feel agitated by it especially if they are running a procrastination program, I am not good enough, what will other people think, what if I fail program. For People caught up in the shadow side, today’s powerful gateway opening may create emotional turmoil. But what if emotional turmoil, an emotional meltdown is exactly what is needed to release, let go and then power up?

Today December 12th presents many paths of potential, opportunities and possibilities. What you are aligned with and ready for will show up. And everything, everything is always working with you for your ultimate good and living your best life.

A blessed Tuesday to everyone!

~Love, Esther

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