This morning at the gym I noticed that The Tribunal were dancing to a song playing on the speakers. I was very curious as I had never seen them dancing before, so I asked them, “why are you dancing?”

Here is their response:

We love to dance. Dancing is of a very high vibration as are many pieces of music. Dancing and music combined have an even higher vibration. As you know dear one when you are in a high vibration or frequency you attract to you the desires of your heart. This is why we often suggest to people who  want to change their vibration quickly to dance, sing, listen to a piece of music that brings joy to them. Laughter is also a great way to shift your vibration quickly.

And so you ask, why were we dancing? We too enjoy higher forms and levels of vibration. We too enjoy the movement and the rhythm of dance. We too enjoy the pleasure, sensuality, the fun and the joy of dancing. While we are beings from the non-physical realm we do like to have fun. When you heard that piece of music this morning, the music with the eastern flair, it provoked in us a desire to dance. And in alignment with our promptings and desires we choose to dance.

~The Tribunal~

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