A client recently gave me a gift of a CD with 47 minutes of chanting by the Dalai Lama.

I finally had a chance to listen to it yesterday and it was heaven.

Within seconds of listening to the chants my body released any tension it had been holding onto and relaxed; sinking deeply into the bed I was lying on. I have never experienced such a quick shift with any chanting or meditation  music.

All parts of me took an audible sigh. I felt my Soul starting to hover outside of my physical body.

A stirring occurred deep within myself. I consciously gave myself permission to let go of the day and all I was holding onto and fully delve into the tones and vibrations of the chants.

It was delicious.

At one point I wanted to engage in some active meditation and visualization, but my Soul quickly whispered that this was not the time. My Soul said I was to simply lay back and allow the vibration to fully envelop me and do its work.

About half way through I could feel myself becoming unconscious and slipping away into a sleep state.

I woke as the CD ended recalling flashes of images in my head. These images were ones of geometry, re-engineering and restructuring. Work had been done on the inside.

There was drool coming out of the corner of my mouth. I felt soft and feminine. I stretched like a cat waking from a nap. I was at peace, content and in joy.

I was grateful for this gift.

There is an interesting story attached to this chanting cd. A beloved monk was lying on his death bed going through the transition. The Dalai Lama sat by his bedside and chanted this chant for hours and hours until the monk passed over. Afterwards, those who were present begged the Dalai Lama to record the beautiful chant so that it might be shared with the world. It is not,nor has it ever been for sale. It is meant to be copied shared and passed on. It is a sacred and powerful mantra for healing.


~Love, Esther




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