Right now this very minute we are experiencing a powerful cultural shift +++  shift in the collective consciousness. My corner of Twitter is Lit up with Hope, and inspiring othesr to their awakening. The last major shift of consciousness of note came after the Las Vegas shooting when people enmasse awakened to the realization that what they were being told by MSM was not adding up. Now it is celebrity encouraging others to engage in independent free thinking; awakening the collective. Some resisting and others embracing. We are all on our own journey.

We are living the creation of World History right now. And as each of us shines our Light, brightens our Light, we LIGHT a way for those asleep, those stumbling in the dark to Freedom. Not just freedom of expression but also freedom to be Self, as Divine Being of Light. We are dismantling the illusion, the web of imprisonment we have been trapped in for eons.

The energy update I wrote for April 26th outlines a powerful energy wave sweeping the planet from now until Full Moon. This energy wave is just a part of the cosmic Universal support we are receiving to assist in the liberation of Humanity from tyranny.

We came to Earth at this very time to experience this Shift of consciousness, energies, dimensions and realities. To participate in the Great Awakening. You are the Change you seek.

~Love, Esther 

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