While Gateways and Portals of Ascension are now opening and closing at a rapid pace there are times when these Cosmic Opportunities of Change are extremely profound and require some consciousness and understanding for navigation. We are coming upon the cusp of such a Gateway January 20th to 26th and it may be a period that is tricky and tense.

Let’s start off with a reminder. For the first time in a long time ALL planets are in direct motion and will be until February 6th. Because the planets are in flow and moving fast we are experiencing flow and a fast-moving pace on the Earth.

Right now Venus is hanging brightly in the sky. We see her at night and even during the day with the naked eye. Anytime we can see a planet in the sky night and especially daytime it means that its energetic influence is intensified. Venus is the planet that rules beauty, relationships, love, art, creativity, passion and finances. Are any of these areas kicking up into high gear in your life right now whether high gear of oh oh its time for change or Wowee who is that handsome man or gorgeous women? Allow Venus to spin her magic and show you the way towards your heart’s desires.

On January 19th-20th depending on your time zone Mars and Saturn square off and that means tension between the two planets.Mars rules action, motivation, making things happen now and can be very aggressive. Saturn as we know is the planet of responsibility, reality checks, getting serious, looking long-term and at the big picture. It is often referred to as the tough love planet. Mars and Saturn open the Gate Way.

This clash of planets can show up in many ways. Unrest with authority figures like your boss, government officials etc… As a challenge to let go of traditional ways of thinking, acting and being for something new. People who are stubborn and still asleep may fight for the status quo. Saturn is going to point out clearly what is not working or what is old and outdated and must go in order for you to create your desires. Mars is going to push you to make change. Saturn says slow down and be responsible. Mars says get going now. A real push-pull. Use this cosmic influence to your benefit. Be open to what Saturn shows you and use Mars energy to implement new action steps. We will experience this energy individually but also as a collective. Watch what unfolds on the world scene. Traditional ways and means are being challenged. Is there a way to blend the old with the new?

The 20th is also the day of the Inauguration of Us President Trump. Can you see and feel more of that tradition vs new dynamic taking place? A Perfect day energetically for the Inauguration.

On January 26th Saturn moves into the sign of Sagittarius until January 2020 give or take a few months break. A day when serious, responsible, tough love Saturn moves into co-habitation with Sagittarius the sign of hope, optimism, enthusiasm, curiosity and a take charge attitude.

Where-ever Saturn is positioned we notice the effects in our lives and that is where the bulk of our inner work tends to be. We will be focused on spiritual maturity, releasing judgment, opening to compromise and harmony. Sticking to our values yes and also allowing others to make choices for themselves. Bridging old and the new together to create a spectacular new beginning.

Ethics, values, integrity will be tested. Those who are not walking their talk may be called out.

Slow down with Saturn and examine your beliefs. I have been writing about this for many months. Examine every belief even those you think are positive and expansive. You just may find there is something even more expansive to hold within or start ditching belief systems altogether allowing you to live from pure choice in the moment.

People will be awakened and strengthened in their new energies of awareness and consciousness. The stubborn may dig into their position even more creating a stronghold. The divide between the awakened and those who slumber will grow and yet we are all One being given the same opportunities for change and transformation, for moving out of the Illusion into higher vibrations.

I have been feeling the Saturn tough love quite strongly since Tuesday night. And what I want to impress upon you to remember that Saturn is not angry with you or judging you or punishing you in any way. Saturn loves you and wants you to succeed in all of your endeavours. It’s like Saturn is coming to you saying, Esther I love you and I am here to answering your calls for guidance and help. I see what you desire and I also see what is standing in the way. And because you are not aware of it or are ignoring it I am going to point it out to you in a way that you can’t miss it. I may be stern and serious. I may ask you to do things that are uncomfortable for you beautiful Esther, but my focus is to help you. Help you to be the creator being, the Divine Being that you are.

A BIG energetic Gate-Way is about to open. And it will affect everyone and everything thing on the planet including, countries, governments and companies. You beautiful being of Light what can you do? Keep on keeping on. Releasing the old, raising your vibration, embodying your I AM, living as the Love that you are and shining your Light on a world that needs you now more than ever. Everything we are experiencing is refining us, regenerating our mind, body and energy fields to our True Self our True Nature and this Gate Way offers another bump up in our expansion.

These events are precursors to our extended Eclipse and Equinox Season coming up February 10th. When we will experience more dramatic, sudden change and the Shift to our next experience, time line and path of potential. This time around the Eclipse and Equinox Event I am hosting runs 40 Days! Yes 40 Days!  With non stop energetic support from me and the Beings of Light I work with to help you ride the wave of these Cosmic waters and harness the energies for your Joy, Abundance, Love, Good Will, Fortune, Health and so much more….

Consider joining me and those who have already signed up and said Yes Esther I am ALL IN! I welcome you into our Group Avatar. Let’s do Ascension together.

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~Love, Esther

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