It is another active week in the cosmos with many important alignments pointing us in the direction of revolutionary change in our world and personally for each and everyone of us.

I will begin by acknowledging what a strange, confusing and challenging time we are currently living in. The energetic climate of the world and cosmos is pushing us through a time of major shift in perspective, awareness, consciousness, power, rules, regulations and a need to embrace the unknown.

Change is not easy for most people. It is our human nature to seek comfort and change is not always comfortable. People are having difficulty with the “new” of right now, the changes, even people who typically roll with change.

Yet here we are in the middle of massive world wide change and shifts. No one is escaping the situation showing us quite clearly what we have known and many believe, that we are truly all connected.

During this time Universe is helping us to open to greater consciousness so that we can make new choices and create the change we want and seek.

This is all part of the Saturn ~ Pluto conjunction that happened in January and the year long affects of that rare and powerful alignment. I wrote about it extensively previously.

We knew that the Saturn ~ Pluto conjunction would affect us by profoundly expanding our consciousness, shaking us up, creating new foundations and structures, getting us to take responsibility for our lives, increasing our understanding of God, the Universe, our Divinity and our part in the Ascension Process.

But we didn’t anticipate Wuhan Virus, Covid-19 and how that would be the vehicle to shake us to wake us.

Saturn ~ Pluto Conjunction which happened in the sign of Capricorn triggered the energetics to assist us in shifting us to acknowledge and harness the power within. Getting us to look within for the answers, reassurance, the love we seek. Shift each of us in how we see, know, live as Divine ~ Aligning with the God Spark within, our Soul Essence or Inner Being. We can cower and continue to be sheep as collective or rise up.

This week more cosmic alignments are happening to assist us in this shift in power. To ignite and expand the power within while strengthening our faith, trust and root us in love.

We are redefining what is important to us. What we value. Where we truly want to place our focus and attention on, for what we focus on expands.

And as I mentioned earlier, we are deeply becoming aware of how we are ALL connected. How fast energy vibration spreads across the planet.

Love, compassion, well being, understanding can spread just as fast.

Here are some of the highlights of this weeks cosmic alignments and what I am receiving as important pieces of information to note for each event pertaining to current world wide affairs.

March 16th Mercury now direct but still in shadow moves into the sign of Pisces until April 11th. This wave of light will boost intuitive hits and knowing for inspired action. Imagination will run wild, one of the steps to conscious creation and manifestation. If you can imagine it, it is possible.

Health and well-being is highlighted in this energy current, a holistic approach to health and well being. Practical steps yes and also addressing all aspects of the whole, body, mind, emotions and Soul.

We will be more open to new information, new sources of information, unearthing lies and truths revealed.

And we are being given an opportunity to revisit any themes which came up during the recent Mercury Retrograde Period. As I tune in, for many the message is are you living the life the way you really want to live it? And when are you going to make change?

March 19th The Sun Moves into the sign of Aries for a month. Happy Birthday to all of the Aries babies and also Happy New Year! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and astrologers consider this movement the real and true New Year.

This is a time of new beginnings, new priorities, new inspirations, motivation, goals, direction and values.

What is important in your life is changing this month.

The Sun in Aries is Brave energy, confident, determined and practical.

March 19th is also Equinox and it is two days earlier then it has been for over a century.  Equinox offers us balancing energies which we need at this time and ushers in Spring in the north and Fall in the south.

March 21st is the date of a very significant cosmic event when Saturn enters into Aquarius at 11:58 am eastern time. Many astrologers consider this and Saturn ~ Pluto to be the two most important planetary alignments this year. 

We enter into a period of innovation, thinking outside of the box, breaking rules and structures of the old regimes and paradigms. The energy helping each one of us to create what is important to us personally and globally.  It is a time of re-order and re-structure, embracing the unknown and invention. Anyone can be an innovator and inventor, yes even you and the energetics support you. Your idea, your concept may be exactly what the world needs now.

And on March 24th is the New Moon in Aries. The Sun and Moon in Aries providing us the energetics to take everything we have learned this month and through this current global situation, combine it with our new desires and instigate positive change for everyone. New Beginnings. But we have to align with the power within, be sheep no more, claim our Divinity and live as Divine in human form.

The shadow side of this week’s energetics is heightened fear.

Will you choose to live in a state of fear, focus on fear, feed the fear?

Or be aware of what is happening around you, be wise, mindful and focus on what you do want?

I suggest focusing on wellness and well-being in the broadest sense for you, your family, community, country; the world.

What you focus on expands it’s the law of the universe.

Vibe Up, keep your vibration as high as you can even if that means moving up the vibrational scale step by step from fear to worry. Worry to overwhelm. Overwhelm to frustrated. Frustrated to pessimism. Pessimism to hope and then continuing upward.

Allow wellness and well-being by being a conscious and deliberate manager of your vibration, which is created by your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Those months ago when I received the guidance to start focusing on vibration and to implement the Vibe Up program I thought it was about wishes and dreams come true, lining up with True Self and living the best life possible. Now I realize clearly that it was also to prepare people for such a time as this.

~Love, Esther

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