Core Belief Engineering Modality

Core Belief Engineering (CBE) is a powerful modality that generates inner change, leading to transformation, focusing on beliefs and the systems they create.

It is based on the premise that what you believe is what you create in your life.

That each of us follow a pattern of: You think a thought. That thought creates a feeling or emotion, which initiates a behaviour and the behaviour creates your results. Your day-to-day reality.

What is a Belief?

A belief is a thought that you think over and over again until it becomes engrained and held by the mind. A piece of information you firmly stand upon and forms the foundation of how you live your life, view yourself and the world.

A belief system is everything that supports your belief: feelings, emotions, behaviours, patterns, actions, concepts of reality, conclusions, decisions, constructs, judgements, notions; generalizations.

If you are living your life and not getting the results you want, that is an indication you hold beliefs supported by a system that keeps what you want at a distance.

And if you engage in personal development work, solely focusing on changing behaviours or emotions, you may experience some change initially, but it’s often only a temporary fix, a band aid solution.

Why? The anchoring belief or beliefs have not been faced and addressed.

In order to create long lasting change, you must get to the core of the problem or issue, which is the belief(s).

When a belief system was created, usually during childhood, its purpose was to help; now it hinders. CBE uncovers the limiting belief system, releases it and replaces it with energy and beliefs which are positive, supportive and unlimiting.

CBE works with both the conscious and subconscious mind, to effectively resolve core issues.

Sometimes you, the conscious mind, knows exactly what the core issue or problem is, and the solution, but any steps taken to initiate change is met by subconscious resistance. Why? The conscious and subconscious mind are running a different set of beliefs and programs.

Sometimes both the conscious and subconscious mind are running similar limiting beliefs and programs. In this case a conscious awakening is required first, before shifting the subconscious.

And every once in a while, I work with a client who is consciously closed but the subconscious is full of positivity, optimism, wisdom and possibilities. In these cases, the subconscious leads the way to change while the conscious mind catches up.

But what about those big A HA moments that create dramatic change? Isn’t that enough?

Absolutely, sometimes a conscious realization or A Ha is enough to create dramatic change. But most people find that after a few days of basking in their aha or realization, past patterning surfaces once again. This is an indicator of subconscious resistance or sabotage.

The CBE method engages communication with levels and parts of the mind, while the client remains fully conscious. It is a gentle question and answer process that uncovers, examines and re-engineers limiting and outdated beliefs, strategies and other people’s energy held consciously and subconsciously. Changes are made in both the subconscious and conscious minds, bringing them into alignment and harmony.

Core Belief Engineering can be described as a method that approaches the subconscious mind in a loving and generous way. It views the subconscious as comprisedof “Parts,” each with their own beliefs, behaviors, function, talents and abilities.

For instance, when you get into your automobile, your Driving Part comes to the forefront to assist you in getting where you need to go. It knows what a green light means. The rules of the road. How to parallel park. And it may even offer directions. All of this information is stored in your subconscious and comes forward when you need it. Thank goodness for your Driving Part!

But when a part holding limiting beliefs such as, I am not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, life is hard, there is never enough, rises to the surface, it will prevent you from creating and achieving your desires. Working with the Part that holds these beliefs, releasing limitation and bringing the Part into alignment with your conscious intention is the goal and focus of CBE.

CBE works towards restoring choice. With choice comes freedom and with freedom, power. It works to help you manifest the life you want to live and experience; your goals and dreams. Living life as a Divine Being of Light in physical form. Experiencing peace and harmony within rather than chaos, unrest and an inner push pull. CBE aids you in moving from good to better; going beyond analysis and coping strategies. Clients uncover what is true and natural within themselves; their inner wisdom.

Private Sessions With Esther...

During private one on one inner work sessions, Esther effectively combines CBE with energy and spirit clearings, channeled guidance, past life exploration, coaching, spiritual discussion, universal teachings, whatever is required to assist you in creating the greatest change possible during the process. Some issues are resolved in one session while more stubborn issues may require additional sessions to address all layers and “parts” out of alignment.

Esther’s one on one sessions get results. Clients notice change after every session, and it is accumulative. Some changes are dramatic, and some changes are more subtle until the next layer is explored.

To receive the most change from a session it is essential you take responsibility for your changes and follow through on any action, inspiration and learning from your process. Every session brings forth actionable steps to take to anchor and grow your change.

Please note: I am a facilitator of CBE modality/technique. I do not practice psychotherapy, or work with serious disorders. If you have a serious disorder, seek treatment from a physician, a psychologist or a psychotherapist.

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