Terms of Service & Copyright

Important information! Please read this.

Read this first part out loud to yourself:

I understand that my life may change because of the information and energy processing provided on this site, during a channeled reading, group or one on one work.

I understand that while change can happen dramatically overnight, often change comes in steps. It is my responsibility to follow the steps, listen to my inner guidance and direction, trust the process and validate, validate, validate the changes.

When change is happening, I may go through a detox process on all levels of my body mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. My life may go through a detox and cleansing as a result, and it may be bit uncomfortable at times. I know that this too shall pass and is part of the process of change. I will seek medical advice and treatment when needed.

I am ready to fully commit to my session and/or process.

I am ready to take responsibility for my life and the changes which occur.

I am ready to stand in my power and treat other people’s opinions simply as information for my consideration.

I am ready and willing to reconnect with who I truly am; Divine Love, A Spark of Creation and Infinite Magnificent Being of Light.

I am in allowance of change.

And I promise to celebrate even the smallest shifts and changes knowing that acknowledging each change subtle or big, will snowball into greater and grander transformation.

CIRCADIAN QUANTUM GUIDELINES for session work with Esther. https://whispersfromthesoul.com/quantum-guidelines-for-session-work-with-esther

*I am committed to delivering to you the high vibration methods, processes, activations, readings, seminars, retreats for your journey of change and transformation. Once a product/service has been purchased there are no refunds. No exceptions.

I believe you will be satisfied with my services and can achieve amazing results, but I am unable to make guarantees because results depend on how you use the information and follow through on what transpires during sessions, readings and programs. I stand by my offers and know that when fully engaged with, they will generate the intended results.

Privacy and Confidentiality are of the utmost importance to me, Esther Bartkiw. You can be confident that whether you work with me one on one, in a group or during a reading session, your information stays private.

In additional any information collected during signup of newsletter, events, webinars or individual work including your name, address, telephone number, purchase history and life situation is kept confidential. We do not sell your information to outside sources.

I am always open to your feedback and questions. If you would like to speak to me directly about an experience you had with me regarding a program, reading or private session please contact me via email. hello@estherbartkiw.com.

Any health, nutritional, fitness or financial information offered during readings or sessions is for educational/entertainment purposes only. It is not a substitute, nor does it replace professional advice of any kind. If you have concerns about your physical or mental health consult with a physician or health care professional. Do not avoid, delay or disregard seeking out medical or health advice from a health care professional because of something you may have read, received or learned from this site, private or group sessions/readings. Any health, nutritional, fitness or financial information provided on this site or during sessions should be undertaken at your own discretion. I am not a doctor, or other health care practitioner. I do not diagnose or offer treatment suggestions. I am not a financial advisor.

© Copyright by Esther Bartkiw. All articles, posts and processes are copyrighted, and rights reserved. Copyright and Intellectual Property.

Esther Bartkiw Wellness, estherbartkiw.com formerly Whispers from the Soul, has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, ILLEGAL SHARING OR USE, AND THEFT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Any service or program digital or live is for your personal use only. You are specifically prohibited from sharing program materials, MP3’s, private group links, portal details and password, or posting any content on a shared or publicly available website, cloud storage, on social media, or to use it in any course, program, class, or public forum. We fully prosecute every instance of copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property to the law, and you will be assessed fines, court costs, and damages, as allowed by federal and provincial law in Ontario and Canada.


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