April 18th Energy Update: Chiron moves into Aries for a nine year run, a huge and significant astrological event that will influence each of us to face pain and wounds held within for resolution. To acknowledge and be the healer we are, and offer mentoring to the world ++++
Let’s break it down.
Chiron is considered to be a minor planet transiting in the outer Solar System. It orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. Some refer to it as an asteroid. Regardless, when in play, Chiron packs a punch and strongly influences our lives personally as well as happenings on the world scene.
Chiron is dubbed the wounded healer as its energetic influence is to point out to us pain, wounds held within. Pain festering within keeping us down, our vibration low and due for release so that we can expand into greater wholeness.
When in play, Chiron shines a light on the pain; the unresolved issues within. Chiron also stimulates awareness, acknowledgement and confidence of the Healer within. We are our own healer. We each have healing abilities.

Yes YOU are a healer. YOU have healing abilities.

Be Your Own Healer.

Chiron is leaving the sign of Pisces where it has been for several years and moves into the sign of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. The last time this happened was about 50 years ago. A 50 year cycle is complete and starting anew. It’s a big deal.
I have been writing a lot about Aries lately as an energy of new beginnings. Aries also holds the energy of big, bold moves. Adventure. Risk taking. Courage. Bravery. It is an action oriented; eager energy.
And so Chiron moves into Aries for a nine year run with a short stint in Pisces towards the end of this year.
What does this mean for you? the world?
The influence and affects will run deep and unfold organically over the next nine years. Each person having their own experience.
As a general overview what you will feel is a quickening in facing and addressing inner pain. A quickening of movement towards resolution. No more sticking your head in the sand avoiding responsibility. There is a boldness and an eagerness to transform from within and create a new reality.
Chiron in Aries will assist you in placing YOU first. Self Care. Self Love. Self Healing. Taking back your power and be your own Healer. Live in the vibration of you now and continue to expand. Harmonize and update the old you to the new you and expand.
We are entering into a nine year period of deep healing and transformation individually and collectively.
Keep in mind Aries is also a warring energy so there may be some inner warring, resistance to facing the truth, taking responsibility for your life and letting go. Fear of change is usually at the core. Also fear of losing control.
Across the globe we will see the same deep healing and transformation of the collective + warring, resistance push back.
The last time Chiron was in Aries the Vietnam War was happening and ended. 
We are entering into a phase of even greater spiritual awakening, conscious awakening and awakening of all sorts ie political.
I hold great hope that energy healing technologies long available but held at bay by Cabal will start to be made available to all.
This is a good gateway to experience, perhaps even create alternative methods of healing. 
To expand or go into your own healing and or mentoring business.
To up your own healing abilities through acknowledgement, practice, learning; study.
The Healers, Shaman, Facilitators of Change and Transformation will receive more recognition and at the same time we will be asked to step back and focus more on Mentoring, Guiding, allowing each person to rise up in their abilities to be their own Healer.
Chiron in Aries for nine years can usher in not just healing but also rebirth, renewal, new beginnings; rejuvenation for all. The atmosphere is ripe for a great revival. How the collective chooses to engage with the energies is determined by what the individual chooses. What do you choose?
There is so much I could write about regarding this cosmic phase and energy Gateway. Take what I have presented as a starting point for your awareness, consideration and grow with the energy. Expand with the energy.
~Love, Esther

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