During a recent interview I was asked, “What is the number one cause of goals and good intentions remaining unfulfilled? Without hesitation I blurted out, “The limiting beliefs we hold in our mind.”

I am so passionate about the concept of our beliefs create our reality, that several years ago I abandoned a thriving career to embark on a journey of helping people identify and change their limiting beliefs.

Changing my limiting beliefs is what turned my life around and as a holistic psychotherapist (CBE)  I work with people to help them achieve the right mind set to support them in their dreams and desires.

Yesterday I sat down and started thinking about a goal I want to accomplish and the first step was to identify any limiting beliefs I might be holding and which are keeping me stuck.

  Consciously, I am clueless as to what belief is holding my desire at bay. I’ve already done much work around the issue but still nothing. It was time to dig deeper.

I began to ask myself some questions.

Over a series of 3 blog posts, I am going to put forth these same questions to you and help you to identify what limiting beliefs are preventing you from getting what you want.

Stick with the process and you will be enlightened and perhaps surprised as to what is standing in your way to victory.

The first step: Identify a goal. Something you want to achieve and write it down. Be as specific as possible.

Step Two: Answer these questions honestly. Trust the first impressions and answers which come to mind. Write down the answers, if you don’t, it is highly unlikely that you will remember them tomorrow.

Question 1: Getting what I want means _________.   What is the perceived negative impact achieving your goal will have on your life, your family; your situation. Be sure to write down as many answers as come to mind.

ie. I might have to move away and I like where I live. My friends might not want to hang around me because they will think I am too successful. People will put pressure on me to lend them money.

Question 2: It’s not possible for me to get what I want because _________. Write down all the “reasons” you can come up with.

ie. I don’t have the money. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have any support.

Question 3: I’ll always have this problem because I can’t change this ______________.

ie. Heart disease runs in my family. I don’t have the education to get a better job. The world is scary and an unfriendly place.

That’s a good start for today. 

Once you have completed your answers you can put away the paper until the next set of questions arrive or lightly meditate on your answers. Conscious awareness may begin to surface.

Check back for the next set of questions. They will be posted shortly.

~Love, Esther


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