Heads Up! Mercury turns Retrograde for the 4th time this year on December 19th extending right through to the end of the year.

Before the planet of present-1871539__340communication retrogrades it will move into shadow and that is going to happen in the next few days. Shadow is that pre-retrograde period when wonky communications and glitches start showing up.

Here’s why I am offering the heads up. Traditionally we would refrain from purchasing electronics, appliances, automobiles, any large ticket items during Mercury Retrograde as often those purchases experience snafus and items can be lemons.

Now in more consciousness we don’t let MR frighten us out of purchases but we do make them with more awareness and understanding that if something is going to go wrong with electronics, computers etc.. it’s going to be around this period.

We are heading towards the holiday season when many people purchase for themselves and for others technology and electronics. If you can, buy them now, before Mercury fully turns Retrograde or wait until mid January.

And if you just gotta buy that new TV on the lead up to Christmas, do it, but check out everything. Make sure the TV works before you leave the store. Double check to ensure you have all of the right hook ups and instructions. Keep the receipt. Know the store return policy and be patient if a snafu appears.

Good times on Planet Earth! We can only laugh at tech glitches right?

~Love, Esther
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