August 12th Energy Update: Chiron and Jupiter are at odds today and this opposition will continue for the next 5 weeks offering each of us and the collective the opportunity to release limitations on a very deep level and expand into more of our true Self which is Love.

Chiron is often dubbed the Planet of the wounded healer as its focus is on healing. When it in play Chiron shows us clearly where we have been blocking ourselves from returning to the Love that we are. Where we are playing in separation and helping us to dismantle the illusion and move into Love. Perhaps a relationship breaks up during this period because it was keeping you in separation not loving and honoring your True Divine Self. Maybe a job is lost because it was keeping you in separation not living your passions. Perhaps you have an argument with friend, words fly and that situation is showing you the hurt, feeling of betrayal, upset, anger etc… that is standing in your way of being the Love that you are. Yes Chiron ~Jupiter opposition is going to do all of this and much more. Are going to flow with what presents for release and expansion?

During a phase like this one awakenings happen quickly. A ha’s and profound realizations are at hand. The people around you may get agitated as their stuff comes up and they don’t know what is going on or what to do with it. Be a guiding Light to the collective.

Healing abilities are also heightened as Chiron shows us that each of us are healers; we are our own healers.

You may be inspired to engage in more spiritual practice.

Belief systems and paradigms may be shaken. That’s good. As I always say Question Everything, even what you believe to be true, expansive and positive. What you believe today may completely shift tomorrow. Are you okay with expanding into new information, knowledge and wisdom? Or does pride keep you locked into the old?

The Wisdom of the Universe lies within. Move into your heart space to determine if the information presenting lines up with your heart; with you as Divinity.

It’s another beautiful day on planet Earth!

Love, Esther

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