Our bodies were perfectly designed to be in a symbiotic relationship with the Sun, receiving daily it’s light frequencies and codes of information for healing, restoring and optimal living.

Back In August 2021, after a major A HA about the topic of LIGHT, I started to live a circadian quantum lifestyle in sync with the Sun and the Seasons. My A HA was triggered by understanding that optimizing Sunlight and eliminating artificial light is key for healthy living, wellness and vitality. Also for our spiritual connectivity.

There are numerous benefits to living in a healthy relationship to the Sun, I’ll cover them in another post, today I want to share with you tips on how you can slowly and safely start to build your solar callus Now, so that you will be ready to play in the Sun all summer long.

What Is The Solar Callus?

Solar Callus is your tolerance to absorb and assimilate light into the body. It happens naturally as you spend time outdoors in the sun. Anybody can build a solar callus regardless of skin type. I know, that is a controversial statement for people with Fitzpatrick 1 and 2 skin types. If that’s you, I encourage you to read the new research. Start slowly with sun exposure. Be wise and intuitive about the process. Begin building your solar callus now before summer arrives to build up your tolerance to the sun.

Getting Ready for Summer Sun, 5 Steps:

1. Sunrise: Rise up every morning and face east. Get sunlight rays in your naked eyes and on your body. No glasses or contacts. No looking at the sun through a window. No sunscreen or other lotions on your face or body. Gaze off to the side. Do this practice as long as you can every morning whether sun, clouds, rain, snow or wind. It does not matter if you have a tree, building, hill or mountain in the way. The light frequencies are in the sky. If you are able to be bare foot grounding on earth at the same time (concrete works too) it’s even better.

At sunrise the sun is low on the horizon and teeming with infrared light that prepares your skin and eyes to absorb more UV when the sun is higher in the sky. The more sunrise light you get in your eyes and on your skin, the better you will be able absorb UV light during the day so you can spend time outdoors without concern.

2. Sunset: Watch sunset every night, the bookend to sunrise, and get more of those juicy red rays into your eyes and on your skin to help your body assimilate the sunlight you received during the day. Plus receive important information for your body processes.

3. Seafood: Eat Seafood regularly three to four portions a week for the DHA. We store DHA in our eyes, it entangles the Light and Codes entering into our retina from the sun. We want that storage to be beefy or should I say, fishy. The DHA in our eyes, turns the Light into electrical signals allowing for cellular communication, and a daily reset of our internal circadian clocks. The best is fatty seafood i.e.. oysters, sardines, mackerel and salmon. Also consider consuming fish with a pink or red tone i.e. shrimp and lobster for the astaxanthin. Astaxanthin penetrates all layers of the skin and acts as an internal sunscreen protecting against UVA-induced oxidative stress. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation, i.e. sunburn, from UVB over exposure.

4. Sunshine: Once you have steps one to three in place, begin to gradually increase your time in the daytime sun, building a safe and healthy tan. Start with just a few minutes in the sun at mid morning and mid afternoon and slowly increase the time. Again no sunglasses, no sunscreen, as little clothing as possible, no creams or makeup on your face. The moment you see a flush on your skin or feel a little prickle from the rays, step into shadow, put on a hat; cover your body. You will get to know your body and skin’s response to the sun and will intuitively perceive when it is time to seek shade. Listen to your intuition. Over time your tolerance to the sun will increase.

5. Artificial Alien Light: Avoid it after sunset. Once you have watched the sunset, avoid all artificial lights including the blu light on your devices. Avoid artificial light at home, work, store, restaurant; from streets lights etc.

Watching the sunset gives your body the signal that the day is ending, bedtime is coming and begins the internal processes readying you for sleep. If you expose yourself to artificial light you are giving your body the light message that it is 12 noon in June. Your body gets confused with the different light signals.

Put on blu blockers. Turn your screens red. Research light bulbs that support circadian health and switch them out. Use candles and fire light. It is equally important to avoid artificial light in the morning before you watch the sunrise. Make sure Sunrise Light is the first light to hit your eyes in the morning to reset your internal circadian clock and all of the body’s processes.

Start here with these suggestions, go slowly, and if you faithfully follow through, by summer time you will have built up your solar callus and will be Sun and Fun Ready.

There is more information and nuances about LIGHT to be discussed, but this is a good beginning to living in relationship with the Sun and a Circadian Quantum Lifestyle. The Lifestyle you were beautifully designed for.

Additional Tips:

DMinder App: Download DMinder App and fill in your specifics. The app will tell you when your Vitamin D making window opens each day. Also the time of solar noon so you can avoid it as you build your solar callus. You can track your sun sessions.

Sunclock App: Download it for daily information regarding time of sunrise and sunset.

Flu.x and Iris software are inexpensive and good choices for turning the screens on your devices red after sunset. You can also make adjustments in the display settings section on your phone and laptop. Not all red screen software is effective. Do your research.

BluBlockers: Invest in a good pair of blu blockers to protect your eyes from artificial light. Again do you research as not all blu blockers are effective. I use RedLight Rising blu blockers and love them. Get 10% off with my code ESTHERBARTKIW They ship globally.

Kiniki Tan Through Swimwear: I live in my Kinki’s year round. Love them! Get £10 Off Your First £20+ Order! They ship quickly world wide.

If living in a healthy relationship with the sun is new to you, then this is a good time to get up to date on current information and studies. The sun has been demonized for so long. As you are researching, ask yourself, What if what I was told about the Sun was wrong? What other possibilities exist? Research from that focus.

Start here: Regular Sun Exposure Benefits

Why am I writing About the Sun? I’ve been living a circadian quantum lifestyle for almost three years. I am committed and passionate about it. And I always want to share with you what I am learning, what works for me and what doesn’t.

The Sun is the giver of Life on earth. We could not exist without it. The plants and animals thrive on the correct exposure of Sun Light so why would we hide from it?

As a Light Being living a human experience, being connected to the Light, to our God Source is important to me. I trust it is important to you as well. All of the Light from Source comes to us via the Sun.

Also I had the realization that a person can do all the inner work and not experience optimal results if their lifestyle does not support the changes. For me, a healthy lifestyle starts with LIGHT as the foundation. As I rebrand and reposition my therapeutic, spiritual, energy practice, I’ll be sharing more about LIGHT and other subjects which have made a huge difference for me. Perhaps the information will make a difference for you too. Stay close the transition is underway.

Please note that what is written in this blog is not medical advice. I am sharing my learning and experiences. Do the research.

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