Did you feel the energy?

Last night between 7-7:30 pm Est The Tribunal and I sat together offering energy healing and transformation for 59 people from across North America.

The Tribunal attuned each participant’s energy for change and transition in 2011. I added to the mix with distance Reiki.

This was my holiday gift to my clients, blog readers, twitter followers and anyone who wanted to participate.

From the moment I connected with The Tribunal I could feel the energy pouring through my physical body. It was intense. My legs were tingled with energy and this is where I felt the greatest charge.

The Tribunal said many of the participants would also notice the energy flowing through their lower body and added it is important for all to ground themselves every day in the new year. With change life sometimes becomes a bit Topsy Turvey and grounding of self is important.

The Tribunal also asked me to pass along these messages. I paraphrase because at the time I wasn’t recording their actual words. However as  I write this post, The Tribunal are nudging me and reminding me of their directive.

To all they say, it is important to hold positive beliefs and thoughts about change. They feel many of you will say that you do but deep down there is a fear of change. This fear needs to be explored and altered. For the most part the fear of change that many are holding is how others around them will react when they make changes in their lives.

The Tribunal say some are afraid that friends will leave them. That others might mock their changes. Some might challenge the changes or roll their eyes. These anticipated reactions are keeping many of you from making giant leaps in your life.

Next The Tribunal talked about how many people have been ill over the holidays. Yes they say, some of this has been virus but for many of those who participated in this event the holiday illness has actually been a cellular cleanse of that which no longer serves you.

The body, mind and energy system have been expelling negativity full force so that 2011 can be entered into with clarity and better perspective. Allow your body to continue to purge and thank it during your illness for releasing that which is holding you back.

The Tribunal also indicated that for many this negativity which is being dispelled is getting caught in your auric field and suggest that a good brushing of the aura will assist the situation.

Of course I asked what that meant, brushing the aura? They said just as you would brush off snow from a winter coat or brush off dust or powder from a piece of clothing, simply take your hand and brush or sweep your aura to help with the release of anything that is caught up in the energy. The Tribunal suggest you do this as often as you intuitively feel it is needed.

The final message from The Tribunal was for all to prepare to step more fully into their greatness this upcoming year.

They sent their love and blessing to all and look forward to continuing to communicate with everyone on a univeral and more personal level.

This morning I received an email from one of the participants. She wrote:

First, thank you for your generous gift last night. At around 7:30, I got up from the couch(was watching TV) and almost trance like, walked into my bedroom and fell sound asleep. Can’t wait to hear all the experiences and to read your blog.

I look forward to hearing what the rest of you experienced. Please leave a comment below.

And I have asked The Tribunal to deliver to us a New Years message. So check back this weekend for some encouraging words.

Sending my love to you



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