Bobinsana Plant Medicine = Heart Healing + Lucid Dreaming

Bobinsana is a plant native to the Amazon and is used for physical healing,
spiritual and shamanic practices.

Believe it or not there are five trees here in Saranda.

Last summer my friend Ejona turned me onto the plant. We did a tea ceremony at the sea.
The rest of the day I was frustrated, angry and agitated.
My heart chakra was definitely purging heaviness.

When I arrived in Saranda on Sunday, I went straight to the trees to see if they were in bloom. They are! I picked a bag of flowers, leaves and stems.
The plant is covered in a sticky substance so baby wipes for the hands are a must.

Back at my apartment I gently rinsed the flowers and left them to dry until I was ready to make a tea.

I decided to start with a Bobinsana Tea Ceremony on Solstice June 21st and do one every day for three days or
until I get the intuitive hit the the process is complete. Three days? Ten days?

To make Bobinsana tea the entire plant can be used, roots, bark, leaves and flowers.

Pour a cup of warm water over the flowers in a pot and steep four minutes. I steep for ten mins.
Strain the mixture and add a little more warm water to make a mug full of tea.

Bobinsana is touted to have many healing properties. The plant heals matters of the heart, along with
physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healings. It works on feeling, thinking; reflecting.

The plant can induce a soul retrieval process similar to the work I do with my clients.

It also supports healing of ailments including arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain, edema, inflammation, cancer and urine disorders.
It is used to calm the mind and body, and can also be a stimulant for some.

There is some indication that Bobinsana can act as a contraception, so avoid it if trying to make babies.

I am taking Bobinsana tea for heart healing, to open my heart and for lucid dreaming. Although I am open to                 
experiencing whatever the plant feels is most needed at this time. Plant Medicine is smart like that.

When you are ready to drink the tea create your own special ceremony. This is what I was guided to do.

When the tea was ready I sat outside on my balcony looking at the sea and began to take small sips.

I found a Bobinsana Icaro on you-tube and played it in the background. It reminded me of my time in the Peruvian Jungle
doing plant medicine with a Shipibo Tribe. Comforting.

I set my focus on heart healing + opening and gave the plant permission to work with me in whatever way it deemed best.

Then I began to focus on my breathing. Long deep breaths to open up the systems of my body, to create space. To calm.

As I was breathing I began to visualize warm light pouring into my heart. This step was recommended to me by a shaman.

On the exhale I focused on releasing pain, hurt, trauma, fear, doubt anything held by the heart and blocking my growth and expansion.

Then I placed one hand on my heart and another on my belly in an act of self comfort and self love.

I continued with this meditation while finishing the tea and sat until I felt complete.

When the ceremony was over I went to bed. I choose to do the ritual at night rather than during the day. Experiment. There is a no right or wrong timing.

The first night I enjoyed major lucid dreaming of traveling with a small group of people. We were zipping around the planet. I recall arriving in Juneau, Alaska without a winter coat but it was okay. Despite the snow and cold, I was not cold.

The second night again I was traveling. Theme? This time I recall being in a large aircraft with lots of legroom, comfortable seats, fun flight attendants, a new and sparkling craft. Someone familiar was with me. I think it was my niece.

Tonight will be the third ceremony and then I will decide if I will continue or not. I am feeling calm and peaceful. Much of the agitation I have held over the last year has melted away. Something is definitely shifting and as long as the Bobinsana is in bloom, why not continue?

It will be interesting to see how the plant continues to work with me.

I wonder if the locals know they have a psychedelic in their backyard?

Live Your Adventure!

Love, Esther

Not medical advice.

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