Building on the last email I sent out, I am expecting great shifts of consciousness and change over the next two months initiated by cosmic influences. If you missed the email check out by clicking here.

We have coming up the Saturn Mars conjunction on April 5th which kicks off a two year cycle of influence. I wrote about it earlier click here.

Please don’t allow anyone to drag you into a doom and gloom scenario regarding the upcoming cosmic alignments. As with anything there are high manifestations and lower manifestations of the energies. Ride the waves. Enjoy the peaks, and on the downward trends, notice what is happening in your life, how your body is responding and what is showing up in your environment. These are clues for areas to focus on for inner work, healing and transformation.

We live in a world of duality and in order to know what we do want, we experience what we don’t want. In order to revel in, appreciate and enjoy the good times, we experience times of misalignment.

Even when you are living high vibe, troubles and misfortune may still come upon you. Yes you create your reality and we are also as collective, living in a simulation.

For example: Did I create the situation of the last two years? I don’t believe I did. But it’s the simulation that I found myself caught up in. And in that situation, I made choices which created my reality within the simulation.

As many of you know I have been channeling for myself and for others for a long time. Personal messages for people and broader messages for the collective. As I sat down today to write you this post, I asked my guidance to offer a message to those who read it.

And the message that came through was simple and beautiful.

Be in the world but not of the world.

Do you know that Bible verse? It’s in the book of John.

We are Light, that is our true nature and essence. And right now we are living here on earth in human form. Light slowed down to form mass.

We came for the human experience. To smell, touch, taste, learn, grow, live, to affect change, to experience ALL of it. Turn within and ask inside, did I come to experience ALL of it or just the good stuff?

My inner self laughs and says to me, Just the good stuff? It’s all good stuff. It’s about perspective.

There is a part of you that relishes the downturns because it knows something good will come out it.

There is a part of you that knows everything is going to be okay because you are Light birthed from Light and returning to Light.

There is no death of Light ~ Energy.

So enjoy yourself while you are here, ALL of it. That is your purpose.

And use the dips as a catalyst for awareness, growth in consciousness and change.

That is the message for you beautiful being of Light.

Love, Esther

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