Well the Spiritual Battle we are currently fighting has amped up and that means we as Spirit Beings having a physical experience, here for the purpose of uplifting humanity to greater conscious and higher timelines must also amp up our preparedness, faith, trust, vibration and energy field.

As a reader of my newsletter it is highly likely that you very active as a warrior, a vessel of the light in some capacity. We all have a different role to play and each role is equally important.

You are aware of the stakes: movement onto a higher timeline 5D and above or continued entanglement in the Matrix.

You know that you have chosen and have been called to be present on the planet at such a time as this because you wanted to be here for this pivotal time in human and earth history.

We often read quotes, memes and posts about armouring up for spiritual battle.

Part of our armour is our Aura. The field of energy that surrounds our body.

Your Aura is your Spiritual and Energetic Magnetism. Not only does it buffer the slings and arrows sent your way and help you to experience a vibrant and fulfilling life, a healthy aura will help you to manifest your wishes and desires. Your aura is part of your attraction factor. It is energy, vibration and frequency.

Your aura assists in drawing to you people, situations, opportunities, experiences, resources, to help you to consciously create.

An aura that is dimmed, squashed, full of shadow, perhaps spirit attachments, has been ripped, torn, battered etc is not working for you towards your desired manifestations. In fact it may be one of the reasons you aren’t feeling so great and having troubles in life.

It is part of who you are as it radiates from within, from your physical body and encircles you with its love, protection, its support of your life experience and purpose.

Everyone has an aura and it is comprised of seven layers. Each layer holds a specific colour, tone and purpose. You can read more about that here.

As we care for our mental and emotional health, our physical body and our spiritual well being, it is important we also care for our auric field which is often overlooked.

It is important that we turn our attention to our aura and ensure it is in optimal functioning and that we have the tools to clean and repair it anytime it is harmed or damaged.

During the recent Eclipse Event, I offered participants daily distant energy. For the first few days I focused on aura healing and repair. It was at that time I received the message to offer aura awareness and repair to everyone. So here we go Jan 31st, mark the date.

You have a beautiful Aura that is unique to you.

If you have not paid much attention to it lately tune in right now.

Ask inside, what is my current aura functioning? 25%? 32% 50%? 87%?

Over the years my aura has been damaged many times. Sometimes severely.

Once I started to gain an understanding of my aura, its function, what its role is, I started to pay attention. I spent a lot of time learning how to work with it and repair it, keep it Luminous.

In the video below, share with you three personal stories of how my aura was damaged with tips on how to repair. I trust sharing this information may trigger an awareness or a ha concerning your aura.

I also invite you to join me Sunday January 31st at 11 am eastern time for the Clean and Repair Your Aura energy process I will be hosting on line.

I offer this class because:

1. I have been called to and

2. So that you don’t have to go through a one year process of repairing your aura as I did and speak about in the video.

To learn more about Your Aura click here I have some great information for you.

Check out the early bird special pricing for the class.

PLUS as reminder…

Remember the dates I shared with you earlier?

Jan 19 and 20th Mars in Uranus, red light, volatile energy possible. Click Here.

Jan 21 Jupiter Saturn Conjunction energy may unpack in your life and on the world scene. (end of December newsletter)

I also wrote a blog post about Mars and Uranus.

For now enjoy the very best of today.
I am grateful to be on this journey with you.

~ Love Esther

Here’s where you can find me: https://linktr.ee/estherbartkiw

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