Last night during my sleep state I had a dream in which a car was driving down the road erratically; bouncing off the sides of the road. It was as if there were walls on either side of the road, but they were invisible walls of energy.

Myself and another were watching this car wondering what the heck was going on and then we saw the car hit a child–a young girl with blonde hair around eight or  nine years old.

I rushed over to the girl. She was hurt but it didn’t appear to be a life or death injury. I held her hands in mine and asked her if it would be okay if I sent her angel love and energy. She said yes and I proceeded to connect with the healing angels and universal reiki, sending it to the little girl for her well being.

Instantly I could see peace flash across her face as she felt the angel’s energy move through her body.

Then the images faded away.

Today I spent some time in meditation asking my Soul what this dream was about. My Soul told me that I travelled to the scene of an accident last night. A little girl was injured and  needed help. As a willing healer I was called forth to help this child and answer her prayers.

I knew this to be true because every night I travel visiting, learning, teaching and growing. Most mornings I wake up remembering where I was and what I was doing. I was pleased that even in my sleep state I am able to help those in need.

I also felt encouraged knowing that there are others who will come to answer my calls when I cry out for help and assistance.

Be well my little friend and know that we are all here for you whether you need us or not.

~Love, Esther~

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