Ascension conjures up all kinds of images and ideas and there seems to be some confusion about the concept.

Some believe Ascension from 3D to 5D means that they will transition and leave their life on planet Earth. Poof they are gone.

Others feel that Ascension is a movement from a physical to a spiritual body and from one dimension to another.

And some people feel they will become so spiritual they will walk around in white robes, chanting and meditating all day long.

What Is Ascension?

I get asked this question often so I thought I would address it for those who are thinking it but might not have anyone to ask.

From My Perspective, Ascension Is An Evolution Of Self.  

Individual and specific to you, Ascension is an evolution of Self.

This evolution is a movement forward and growth into higher consciousness, deeper insight, awareness and ah ha’s;  an awakening of who you truly be.

Ascension is about getting to know who you are at the core as Spirit. It is a process of  greater self-awareness, of where you come from and your gifts, talents and abilities.

Limitations, negative thoughts and behaviors are released; all that you are not.

Ascension means you live in the present moment rather than in the past or in the future.

You become more of a Light Body, less dense and your cellular system begins to change to hold the Light in an increased capacity.

The body moves from carbon based to crystalline based as we fill with Light.

A crystalline body means you are powered by the Light. This physical change takes time and won’t happen overnight that is why Ascension is a process. There is no end point. We keep expanding with the Universe.

During the Ascension Process we co-create greater connectivity with Spirit; Source Energy. There is an openness to All That Is.

More compassion and greater love flows through you.

You begin to remember that you are magnificent just the way you are in whatever circumstance you find yourself in.

Interaction with other spirit beings: guides, angels, elementals and the realms of the Universe become not only possible but real.

There is an awareness of the Soul.

Ascension does not necessarily mean that you will leave your body and planet Earth, not yet anyhow unless you make that choice.

Remember everything is a choice including when you will transition from Earth and how you will journey along the path of Ascension.

We all get to Ascend, no one is left behind. It is up to each individual to choose their own Ascension Process, whether they will flow with the energies or resist.

Some people will experience the Ascension process with ease and speed. These are the people who are doing their inner work and are open to new concepts; to change.

Those who are still asleep unconscious, who are closed to change and spiritual concepts will ascend more slowly, some with difficulty.

Ascension is an evolution of Self and you are in charge of that evolution.

But Esther What Does This Have To Do With Having Better Health, A Relationship, More Money, Joy?

Everything is energy and energy has a vibration. Science has tested and proven this theory.

You hold a vibration based on your thoughts, beliefs, patternings, emotions and the energies infused into your body.

And your vibration will shift according to your circumstance.

Similar vibrations and energies are attracted to one another.

That’s why when you are angry you attract other angry people or tense situations.

When you hold the vibrations of Love, Joy, Abundance, Peace you attract people, situations and opportunities into your life which are a match.

As you move through the Ascension Process releasing density from your mind and Energy Field, filling yourself with Pure Divine Love, your own Soul Essence and hold higher vibrations, then all of your dreams and desires begin to tumble into your experience.

You will attract a mate that also vibrates with love.

Holding the vibration of abundance will usher in abundance in all areas of your life including money.

You begin to fulfill your dreams and desire more easily. Manifestations quicken.

As you Ascend you help all of humanity and the Planet to also breakfree and expand.

Ascension; The Evolution of Self.

~Love, Esther

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