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 I have noticed much talk about solar flares. Do they have any effect on us and our spiritual journey?  ~Ellen


This is a great question Ellen and you aren’t the only one asking. Last year we began experiencing solar flare ups coming from the sun. They have intensified this year and will continue to become stronger and more frequent.

What is a solar flare?  According to Nasa solar flares are an  intense burst of radiation coming from the release of magnetic energy associated with sunspots. Flares are our solar system’s largest explosive events. They are seen as bright areas on the sun and they can last from minutes to hours. When weather deteriorates on the sun, it can cause a number of different solar situations which affect the earth including solar flares.

Solar Flare

Do solar flares affect us?  Only when the flares occur on the side of the sun facing earth do we feel their effects. The earth becomes a target for magnetic disturbances, which can alter the earth’s ability to protect itself from dangerous particles, gamma rays and x-rays emitted into space. Solar flares can affect our technology, satellite systems, short wave radio communications etc. They can also alter our atmosphere which scientists are researching.
Solar flares also have beautiful effects such as  the aurora borealis or the northern lights.
Northern Lights
Should You be Alarmed?  I don’t believe so. Solar Flares are not an indication of the end of the world as many conspiracy theorists suggest. While there may be disruptions to communications,  from a spiritual and metaphysical point of view  I feel  there is something bigger and more profound happening.
Here is what I believe. These solar bursts are intensifying and will become incredibly strong in June around the halfway mark of the year 2012. The flares will start up again during the last two months of the year to assist those who are ready to move into the 5th Dimension. The flares are reorganizing our personal energy helping us to strip away all that does not serve us. They are helping us to release the negative and limiting beliefs, patterns, memories and thoughts we have been holding onto to.
The Universe is always conspiring on our behalf and once again during this significant year of 2012 also often referred to as the thrust of The Shift, the Universe is  assisting us in letting go of that which we are not–limited beings–and helping us raise our vibration and frequency so that we can leave the density of the third dimension and move through the fourth and into the fifth dimension on planet earth.
Some of you reading this may think my words are well shall I say hogwash? That’s fine. I am not here to convince you but to present to you a perspective. That is what this blog is all about creating awareness and expanding the mind.
Studying with like minded colleagues, accessing the wisdom of the Universe and leaning on my channeling guides The Tribunal allows me to stand strong in the stance of the significance and blessing of the solar flares.
Now you get to meditate, conduct your own research and study, ask Universe for understanding and decide for yourself if it is so.
As you do I suggest you keep yourself open to allowing the flares to help you release the baggage you have been carrying with you; the baggage which has been holding you back from all that you are. And watch carefully how the energy from the sun bursts begins to show up in your life, the lives of those around you and the world at large.
You chose to be on the planet at this time to experience these events. Slowly you are awakening and remembering this very notion. Rather then reject or stand in fear of  their true intention and impact,  embrace the solar flares and receive their blessings.
~Love, Esther

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