If you are tired, pushing, pulling, always taking the lead, always in control, doing it all yourself, a work horse, a donkey carrying the load, you are Not in your healthy feminine energy.

If you are easily offended, insecure, not comfortable with your body, jealous, competitive with anyone, need to rule the roost, have it your way or no way, gossip, judge other women whether they are in shadow or light, like to dominate or act like a small child, you are Not in your healthy feminine energy.

In the upcoming program Radiate the Fullness of Your Healthy Feminine Energies, we will together:

Learn about the Positive and Shadow Aspects of the Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl Archetypes. How they may show up in your life. Help or Hinder.

Equipped with this knowledge you will personally assess your current feminine energies and determine what needs revival, boosting, taming or a complete turn around.

You will discover if your feminine energies are dominated by Light or Shadow.

Together we will flush out limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviours, outside influence dimming or exaggerating your feminine energies.

With this information you will know exactly what issues to focus your inner work on in order to Flourish in Your Beautiful Feminine Energies.

For each archetype, I will offer specific energy enhancing activities, home assignments and action steps, designed to help you step into your healthy, mature, feminine energies and Radiate.

I Esther, will be accessible to all participants via the Private Women’s Chat Group on Telegram to field questions, comments, offer additional tips and suggestions. To be a source of accountability and support on your journey. Women’s circles and groups are a feminine activity. Actively participating in the group will boost your healthy feminine energies.

For those who want to take their experience to the next level, there are two additional opportunities to work with me Esther, one on one.

Get the Details, Program Starts April 1st: https://estherbartkiw.com/feminine-energy

Love, Esther

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