This afternoon while exiting my local grocery store I witness this exchange.

A woman about my age was making her way through the parking lot to return her grocery cart. As she passed by an elderly man she stopped and said to him, “Here, please have my cart.”

He took the cart and proceeded to hand her a quarter. (the cost of a grocery cart in Canada).

She shook her head and said. “No thank you. Just pass it on.”

Again the man extended his 25 cents as an exchange.

The woman again shook her head and said, “No please take it and pass it on.”

The elderly man wasn’t catching on and yet again offered his quarter.

At that point the lady wished the man a good day, turned around and walked to her car.

The exchange took under 30 seconds and as I witnessed the scene my Soul whispered to me:

“Gifts and surprises come in all sizes and in all different ways. The key is to be open to receive them. Being a generous giver is fine but being a generous receiver is just as important.”

I nodded inwardly to my Soul and said in silence, “I’m open to receive.”

Are you?

~Love, Esther

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