Yesterday my body and head were spinning. Everything around me energetically was moving at warp speed. I could feel the motion in my chest and in my balance. Basically I was a bit wobbly and woozy throughout the afternoon.

I knew the spinning wasn’t caused by illness, and I knew that what I was experiencing wasn’t negative. In fact it all felt very positive; once I moved through the crush of overwhelm and got a handle on the situation.

Moments before I was on a mastermind call and one of the participants caught me in a rationalization. I was busted in a big and good way. I love when people call me on my stuff because so rarely does it happen. I felt challenged and my rationalizer part was coming up to say “yeah but.”

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When I finished the call I knew this was something I had to deal with right away otherwise the crush in my chest would take on a life of its own and it had the potential of taking me into an undesireable direction.

So I sat and connected with my spirit and asked it, “What is happening to make me feel this way?”

The answer came quickly for the Soul knows. My Spirit told me that I have been moving forward with the intention of taking a giant leap–no more baby steps. When one is about to leap in a giant way, things speed up, movement, energy, everything speeds up. The crush of overwhelm in my chest came when challenged because a part of me got a bit scared that we were moving so fast.

As soon as I confronted the protesting part inside of myself, it quickly disappeared. I gave gratitude to that part for bringing up the feeling and emotion for resolution. Then I got really excited for I knew that the time is now — I am taking a giant leap. When I win big–everyone wins big. (My new mantra).

~Love, Esther~

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