I have a friend who recently landed the job he had been wanting for a long time.

It’s a contract position in Mexico and offers him a challenge, abundance and the opportunity to explore a new country and culture.

He had been cultivating this job opportunity for months and finally it’s his.

Within a week he packed his bags, locked up his flat and flew halfway around the world to embark on his dream job.

A few days after his arrival we connected on Skype for a celebratory conversation during which he exclaimed, “I was lucky.”


While I understand where his words were coming from I was quick to point out that he created that opportunity.

First he decided that he wanted a new contract in a distant land and held that vision as his intention.

Then he took inspired action speaking with headhunters and job recruiters to see what was available.

Despite the time zone difference he woke up or stayed up for interviews at odd hours. Not just one interview but many.

He sent  his new employers every piece of documentation they needed to make a decision of yay or nay.

When the silence ensued and all looked lost, yes he got discouraged but instead of swimming in a pool of upset and disappointment he carried on with his day to day, fulfilling his duties at his work place and held an attitude of: If not this job then something better.


Then one day out of the blue voila the phone call came, the offer was made and the creation of his dream is underway.

This is a great example of creation. The power of manifestation , intention and inspired action.

We make out own luck through our energy.

What we vibration in thought, feelings, emotions, belief pulses out into the world and pulls back to us a match every time.


He was in alignment and in sync with this new job. Luck had nothing to do with it.

Even when you think that luck has descended upon you because a wonderful door of opportunity blew open when you didn’t expect it, know that is was YOU who blew open that door.

Some energy vibration inside of you was in resonance with that opportunity and Universe conspired with you to bring it into your reality.

You are luck. Your are powerful.

You are an amazing creator being.


~Love, Esther

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