Working on some body stuff with a client today and felt a nudge to share.

Are you killing and/or abusing your body with what you feel and believe to be kindness?

Ask your body what it wants to eat, drink and wear; it will tell you.  Ask it how it wants to move. When it wants to do all of these things. Ask it how and when it wants to rest. Your body is eager to share.

Your body is aching to tell you what it wants and needs.

Honor your body’s requests and you will create oneness within yourself —being and body together. And your body will naturally respond with love, nourishment and health.

What do we do instead?

We force our beliefs on our beautiful sweet, sweet bodies.

Our body wants red meat; we believe red meat is bad.

Our body wants to run; we want to lift weights.

Our body wants eight hours of sleep; we give it six.

Our body wants cake and we deprive it of cake because we believe it is bad and then our body feels deprived and goes into a constricted state of lack.

Our body wants sex with a loving, non judgmental person and we say no.

Our body wants nuts and we believe we are allergic.

So I ask you again check your beliefs and then ask your body what it wants….

Are you killing or abusing your body with what  you feel and believe to be kindness?

Because I love you sweet being ~ Creating Consciousness

~Love, Esther

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