Two years ago I moved into what I would call my dream condo. I figured I would live here for several years because it was the culmination of many of my intentions and a wonderful manifestation.

Then in November I began to get the nudge to move. The nudge was more like a whisper trying to get me to be open to the possibility of leaving my space for something very different. At first I rebelled and resisted the whisper but it kept coming. There were many limiting beliefs, fears and outdated perspectives I had to acknowledge and release just to get to the point of being open to the possibility of moving.

Once I finally declared to the Universe: I love where I live but I am willing to move where you feel I am able to best serve, I began to feel calm and at peace with whatever might transpire.

At the same time many of my light-worker/energy worker friends were telling me that they too were feeling a need to move. It appeared that the nudges were coming out of nowhere. In fact two people I know packed up their homes and moved to far away locations within a couple of weeks of getting the call.

I posted the question on face book and twitter: Are You Getting The Nudge To Move?

I was surprised by how many people responded with a yes. Many like myself said it didn’t make sense to them and one person who had just moved said she is thinking about moving again.

I took notice of this interesting phenomena and addressed it with the Tribunal my channeling guides. What they told me was that Universe is moving people into position for where they need to be to best serve mankind during this pivotal time on planet earth. They said that many people are not living where their tribe is and are missing out on the opportunity to be of service to the degree they have been wanting and asking for.

The Tribunal said in particular they were referencing those we refer to as light-workers, people dedicated to helping others live more consciously, in the light and in their magnificence.

I asked The Tribunal if the urge to move was because we had lessons to learn in the new location. They said that there are always lessons to be learned but in this particular phase Universe is placing Souls exactly where they need to be for the service of others.

Because my nudge has been to move to a quiet country like setting, something which has never appealed to me, I asked what will happen if we get the call and don’t make the move?

The Tribunal answered that  we all have choice and there are no right or wrong decisions. Universe works with whatever we do however to heed the call at this time would be highly beneficial.

Soon after I caught myself negotiating with Universe announcing that I will move but it has to be somewhere warm, with activity and people, a fabulous view and great energy. Quickly I realized that I was exerting a controlling energy and that Universe knows my likes and dislikes and always works with me to give me exactly what I need even if I don’t know at the time that I need it. I also realized if Universe is placing me where I am needed that was most important.

At this point I don’t know when or where I will be moving or even if.  I feel for me I first had to get the point of allowing the idea of moving.

If you are feeling the nudge to move,  whether it is down the street, to the next city or clear across the land, I encourage you to meditate, pray, go inside of yourself to see where this nudge is coming from and what is all about. Address any fears or concerns which arise and get yourself to the place where at least you are open to the possibility. It is right there, when you are open to the possibility that miracles happen.

~love, Esther


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