We have been nudging Esther to deliver to you a message, for energy is moving swiftly across the planet. Many people are getting caught up in this fast moving current. Some see it as a wonderful wild ride, for they hold the beliefs and the mindset which support this perception.

For others this fast moving energy makes them feel a little bit wobbly. They do not resist it, for they are open to be carried by the current into a new and fulfilling direction.

Others are in fear and in worry wondering, “What is going on?” They move further into their shell trying to escape the energy.

If you are a reader of this post, understand that you are either moving forward with great speed or a bit wobbly and getting used to the ramp up but enjoying it nevertheless.

To make this situation a bit easier for yourself, focus on your goals and visions of the future. Focus on growing your inner spirit and soul connection. Spend time each day in meditation.

Your Soul has the answers for you and is eager to deliver them. Your Soul offers you comfort, guidance and direction during this time of quickening.

From our vantage point we see a whirlwind happening across the planet; like a sandstorm that kicks up in the desert or a tornado that moves across the plains. While it might be a bit dusty and at times you might need to run for cover, you are feeling the exhilaration of the process.

It is the same feeling one experiences before a thunderstorm. Enjoy the process and know that this is just the beginning of a wild ride that is happening to you and everyone around you. Be a beacon for those who do not understand and support as a community those who do. Community support is of great importance at this time.

Be well.

~The Tribunal~



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