A message from The Tribunal:

Over the next few days the planet Earth will experience a barrage of energy coming from the universe. With the alignment of planets and solar flareups from your sun, magnetic waves of energy are moving across the planet. These energy waves are facilitating transformation and change. It is occuring in a strong and forceful degree. Those who study energy patterns, the alignment of planets and what is going on in the stars, in the heavens are astounded. They can only guess what is happening for they have not seen such energy waves in their lifetime.

We can shed some light on the situation for you to help make the most of this spectacular time upon the planet. Once again between now and the date you refer to as August 9 when there is a new moon, you’ll be given the opportunity to release any baggage, any emotional carryover you have been holding onto from your past in this lifetime and from previous lifetimes.

It  is your opportunity to cleanse yourself emotionally, mentally and in your physical body from issues from your past as they tumble forward into your consciousness . Your dreams will reflect issues to release and the situations and experiences you find yourself in over the next few days, are presenting themselves as an opportunity for acknowledgement and release.

Those  who choose not to do the work at this time and hold on to their negativity, will fuel a more challenging situation for themselves upon the planet as they stay the same and the level of consciousness along with the vibration of the planet rise.

During this time time as you are shedding that which you do not want, the energy is present to facilitate your cleansing and also your manifestations. Those of you who are consciously creating will notice your manifestations coming into your reality much more quickly than they have in the past. The speed of the manifestations will only get quicker.

It is important over the next few days to be clear in your  beliefs and intentions and focus on that you do want to create. Feel the feelings of that you want to manifest. Envision that which you desire to create and step into that vision living it as if it is so. Allow the Universe and the current energy patterns to assist in the facilitation of that of which you want.

This is a grand time upon the planet Earth. Be delighted that the Universe, the planet, the energies are working on your behalf to help you move forward in your humanity, your compassion, your love and your soul’s growth. We will speak more as need be. 

We send our love to you and with this we are complete.

~The Tribunal


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