As a kid I went through a period of time during which I experienced what is commonly referred to as growing pains.

According to the Mayo Clinic growing pains is a misnomer as there is no evidence that growth hurts. But tell that to a child whose bones, body and legs ache and their emotions run wild.

I was told by my mother and family physician that these aches and pains were simply a part of growing up and that eventually when my body was finished growing they would disappear. And they did.

Last night I was doing some energy work on myself and I began to contemplate the concept of spiritual growing pains.

I’ve noticed over the years that as I work on myself, opening up consciousness and awareness, growing in understanding of who I am and how I am connected to the Universe that I would get symptoms and aches and pains as a result of my growth and change.

Then I noticed that the clients I work with in my CBE therapy practice would also experience symptoms and pains during their integration of  change.

Common symptoms were feeling like their head was buzzing or on fire, headaches and feeling wobbly or dizzy; all indicators that new synapses and connections were being made in the brain. Uncomfortable? Perhaps. Good New? Heck yes.

As we do our inner work we grow  in awareness, gain new perspectives and feel differently about ourselves, other people and the world around us. We look at old situations with new understanding.

Coupled with all of these great benefits of transformational work  are the aches and pains of change.

People who have been friends or family members may leave your life. It hurts.

A job  much loved and needed  may be eliminated or given to another. Another pain.

Intimate relationships may becoming rocky and dissolve. Our heart aches.

Sometimes all of these things need to crumble from our lives in order for us to grow and make room for the new. This process allows the people, work,  relationships which are a better fit to who we really are to come in.

Spiritual growing pains.

There are other symptoms of ascension; growing in spirit.  Some people feel disconnected and need to ground themselves. Some lose their appetite while others are ravenous and gain weight which may cause emotional distress. There are those who experience sleeplessness, ringing in the ears and/or problems with eyesight as they grow in the grace and knowledge of themselves and the Universe. When our awareness shifts everything shifts.

There is good news. One day just as I, you, we all transitioned from a child to an  adult and our bodies stopped growing and the aches and pains faded away, we too  get comfortable in our own skin spiritually speaking.

We become a more conscious and connected spirit, living life in a physical body participating in the experiences of planet earth.

As you move along your journey of spiritual growth don’t be surprised if you encounter some growing pains along the way. Just hold steadfast to the knowledge that this too shall pass.

~Love, Esther

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