As you move into more consciousness you begin notice what no longer fits with your new energy vibration. It might be your work, where you live, the places you hang out, what you read, how you dress, your friends, family and other loved ones.

Many people reach out to me expressing angst and worry about letting people go from their lives. I receive emails from women who are moving forward while their husbands stay stuck and they feel the distance. Best friends are drifting apart as one begins to know their True Self and the other remains in the illusion of I’m not good enough. Daughters, sons, moms and dads feel separate from their immediate family members as they grown in grace and consciousness and others hang on for dear life onto a crumbling 3D world.

Does any of this ring true for you sweet being?

let go 4

If you are moving forward into more consciousness and awakening to the Oneness that you are and at the same time feel the fear and sadness of letting someone go, here are some suggestions to assist you through the process:

  • Keep in mind that each person is a spirit being who chose to come to planet Earth at this very time of great transformation to shift, change and free themselves from limitation. That person you are afraid to let go of must for their highest and best good be left to live their own personal journey. When they are ready, whether in this lifetime or another they too will shift and change.
  • Begin to look at that person as a wonderful teacher in your life. It is not by accident that the two you have come together. You are teaching them. They are teaching you. Each of you are helping one another in your life experience and perhaps that time of teaching has come to an end. Look at this person as a the wonderful teacher they are and be grateful for all that they have brought into your life.
  • Never allow someone to hold you back from your own growth. Everything is a choice. Choose to continue to move forward and honor the choice of your friend or loved one.
  • Know that because you are becoming distant with someone and no longer feel the connection, it doesn’t mean that is going to last forever. When I receive emails from spouses regarding the growing separation with their partners I remind them not to jump to the conclusion of divorce. While yes that is an option perhaps the relationship is meant to continue. It will be a choice by both parties. People change. Look at the miraculous transformations which have happened over the last year specifically. Your friend, spouse, loved one may change too and quickly.
  • Begin to focus on what you love and adore about that person. When you focus on the distance and what isn’t working anymore each little annoyance increases the gulf of separation. Instead notice how nice it is that your friend always arrives early to get the best table at your favorite restaurant or haunt. Reflect on how nice it is that your husband makes sure your car is maintained and in tip top shape. Glance at your wife and notice her beautiful dress and what a great mother she is. Focus on how your co-worker always takes time to ask you if you need anything before they pop out for a break.  Feel the difference? What you focus on expands.
  • After all the years and lifetimes we have lived now on planet Earth and elsewhere, it is most likely that the people who hold significant roles in your life this time around are spirit beings that you have a great attachment and love for. That person who is your biggest nemesis is most likely one of your Soul Mates/Family who agreed to come to this lifetime and trigger you into breakthroughs, awareness and growth.  And if that someone special does leave your life because you are no longer a fit vibrationally,  rest assured that if not in this lifetime then definitely in the Heavens or in another lifetime you will be reunited and have a good laugh about all of this turmoil.

When you begin to look at people through the lens or focus of eternity, of Spirit Beings loving one another forward and focus on the good, the fear of letting someone go subsides and fades away. And letting go of that fear might be just the ticket to keeping that person around a little while longer. If you choose.

~Love, Esther


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