Were you up in the early hours of the morning? My body pinged out of bed at 3:39 am EST right between a shift in the Moon position and Mercury turning direct. I was definitely feeling the energy change and so were many of you because I was tweeting with you before dawn. (follow me on twitter and we can tweet too: soul_whispers).

After a few weeks of retrograde, Mercury turning direct will feel like a breath of fresh air. Things that were stuck will get moving again so look for a big release on Wednesday as the flow of energy begins again in a forward motion.

Get ready for emails, calls and opportunities to pour in. You may feel overwhelmed at times and wonder what has been holding all of this back? Mercury retrograde of course.

Although we will be in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde for a few days it is time once again to take action, make the deal, sign contracts and launch new products and services.

During this retrograde we were asked to take time to pause and reflect on where we want to go and what we need to get rid of to get there. Universe took me on a journey deeper into self love exploring the issue of self judgement in a whole new way. Releasing this layer of self judgement has been freeing and is creating great compassion for myself.

Last night the energies were giving us one more opportunity to let go of that which does not serve us. For me it came in the form of several issues coming to a head for observation and release. And last night an impromtu purge of a desk drawer filled with business papers I had been holding onto for over four years. I took this as a sign that there will be a shift in my career and business.

When I tweeted I was cleaning drawers I received many tweets from fellow tweeters who were also feeling compelled to clean out closets proving once again that Universe always has our back and is nudging us forward.

Over the coming weeks problems with communications and decision-making we may have encountered while Mercury was retrograde will begin to clear up. Phew, I had issues with cheques of all things.

I’m curious, during this period of Mercury Retrograde what did you purge? What interesting information was revealed to you? As you move forward what new approach are you taking? What new belief or attitude are you holding?

Good things are happening and I would love to hear how this past retrograde affected you.  Please leave a comment.

~Love, Esther



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