Full Moon energy lingers with us throughout the day and for the next four days after reaching its peak early this morning. Emotions may be high and then low and then high again.

There is a breakthrough happening within and you can feel the energetics of the shift. The Scorpio Full Moon is complex and full of mystery. Full Moons expose and illuminate. This breakthrough is the result of those energies + all of our retrograde planets taking you deep within, stirring up the subconsciousness and bringing understanding and truth to the surface.

As I tune into the energies of the readers of my posts I see that many are discovering what they thought was their block or issue is really a smoke screen covering something deeper. A part of you put up that smoke screen to keep you off track because it fears change. As you have been working to release that block the true “core” of your issue has remained unaddressed. But the Full Moon, Scorpio energy and the retrograde planets are assisting you in making this discovery. Once you have your realization you can create change in that area in which you have been spinning your wheels. Start with that fear of change. Beautiful La Luna is illuminating the situation and new awareness just for you beloved.

Venus and Uranus are also having a very friendly and fun conversation in the sky. Love, money and that which is unusual is highlighted. Regarding love… well… passion is in the air, pleasant surprises, instant sparks, flirting, eye catching moments and for some a letting go. We are drawn to what we would call strange or unusual finding beauty in it.

~Love, Esther

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