April 1st Energy Update:

Let’s start with yesterday. An interesting day for sure when one moment we felt inspired and excited about our plans and the next moment, doubt and insecurities rose up. It didn’t help that we have so many choices. What to choose? What to choose?

The good thing about choices is there is always another one. Each choice leads to a new experience and awareness. We can always change our mind. There is no wrong choice only a different experience. Choose from a good feeling place. From the heart. What you desire rather then from fear, worry or lack and you will be just fine.

The Moon is in Capricorn for most of the day so you will feel compelled to complete tasks and get things done, dwindling your to do list and creating space for You time over the weekend. Later in the day the Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius a softer energy, ushering in a supportive and nurturing quality to the day.

Happy April Everyone~

~Love, Esther

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