Mars turns Retrograde today until June 29th offering us the opportunity to reflect, reassess our actions and plans. We have been noticing the build up to this cosmic movement for several days. It has been showing up as indecision, blocked plans; a tendency to overthink.

Mars holds a strong energy and in retrograde that energy is turned inward and could create internal pressure, confusion, anger, impatience and erratic behavior.

Change is happening. This planetary influence is altering plans. Changing what we believe and our ideas of what we want to create.

In my newsletter this week I wrote that we are in a phase where plans are changing quickly. What feels right one day suddenly doesn’t apply the next day because we are in a different vibration and mindset. Plans for the next few months are collapsing, new plans emerging or we are being asked to wait for further alignment before setting something into motion. Trust, faith, belief and patience are required.

Mars retrograde allows us to slow down our thinking and action process, reassess, pause as needed and allow new plans to unfold.

Yes it can be a bit frustrating especially when you are a personality that likes to plan ahead. The big lesson in all of this is be in the Now, be Present. Life is lived right now in this moment. What happens in this moment will determine the next.

~Love, Esther

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