March 20th is spring equinox for those of us living in the northern hemisphere and for our friends in the south, fall equinox. We are planting and they are harvesting. So many energies at play right now –can you feel them? It is  a delicious energy.

Spring Equinox is the time of the year when night and day are almost equal and in balance. It is a good time and energy for you to reflect upon your life and assess where you need more balance and perhaps more yin and less yang. Or vise versa.

Those who study the universe and the planets believe that spring equinox  is the start of the new year not just a new season; for it is the beginning of the astrological calendar.

The sun enters the fire sign Aries on this day kicking off spring and the new astrological year. Aries is  a firey energy that offers courage and helps us to break through our barriers.

My dear friend Shannon is about to give birth and we can already feel the feisty energy of this girl about to emerge into the world. Watch out here she comes.

Spring brings with it the energy of new opportunities, planting and growth. It is a fertile energy and combined with the new moon on the 22nd this is a fabulous time for planting new seeds and starting projects or maybe adding some omph to a project that has been sitting on the shelf.

Have you been on a spring cleaning tear? Saturday morning I woke up feeling completely off my game but with an urge to clean. What is that all about? It is the universal energies sending their loving nudge to get rid of the old in order to be open to receive the new. That goes for our beliefs, thoughts, patterns and behaviors too. What are you ready to give up? What have you been hanging on to for far too long and are ready to release? The energy of this week is helping you to do that inner work.

At the same time many planets are in retrograde (yin and yang remember?) asking us to slow down, think twice, reconsider and release.

So take a pause. Get clear on what you want to create in your life. Release that which no longer serves you and start planting the beliefs, thoughts and action steps to help you create what you want. The time is now. The time is ripe for planting. The Universe is conspiring on your behalf.

Love, Esther


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