I  have been challenged  by Universe to examine the question —Am I enough?

The first thing I realized was that the question am I enough is different from the question am I good enough.

Some of you might be thinking well what is the difference?

Allow me to show you through illustration.

One orange is good, but is it enough?

One hundred dollars is good, but is it enough?

The information is good, but is it enough?

My career is good, but is it enough?

I am good enough, but am I enough?

Do you see the difference?

Several years ago I stood firm in my knowledge that I am good enough so this question of am I enough intrigued me and exploring it has taken me to new levels of self love.

It has forced me to confront and address layers of self judgement so subtle that I was not consciously aware they existed.

After weeks of observing and working on this issue I have accessed a deeper understanding of who I am as a Spirit; as an infinite being.

As an infinite being I am connected to Source– All That Is.

When I am connected to All That Is then I am everything.

Because I am everything I hold the vibration of everything that exists.

And because I am everything holding the vibration of everything that exists,  I came to the conclusion that I am enough.

In fact I am more then enough.

Holding this knowing consciously and subconsciously has been a crucial step on my journey of stepping into  All That I AM and my I AM Presence. 


Because  now when I feel that I don’t have enough of something in my life whether it is  money, success, friendship, food, creativity, fun, travel, opportunity etc… holding strongly the  core belief that I am enough prevents me from slipping into a meltdown of lack and all of the poor behavior patterns attached to it.

Now I am able to stop, be still and say to myself but I am enough.

There is power in those words and in that knowing.

And you know what?

You are enough too.

~Love, Esther


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