It’s been a lesson a long time in coming.  For years I’ve been told to surrender to God, get out of His way and let magic happen. But when you have a mind like mine, one that likes to figure things out,   surrendering is a tough challenge.

About a month ago this message of surrender began to seep from my soul more urgently. I came to the realization that in order to manifest my goals more quickly and efficiently I simply needed to allow, engage in life and be open to receive.

After the long journey of growth I have been on, could it be that simple? The answer is yes.

For me allowing is simply accepting everything for what it is. No reaction, no judgment, just observation and noticing that “it is what it is.”  Then respond accordingly with inspired action and soul promptings.

Engaging in life was something I realized I had gotten away from over the winter months. So I purposed that in everything I do I would engage. I began noticing cloud formations and scents in the air. I started attending festivals in my local area, tasting my food and commenting on the flavors. By engaging in life I believe we open ourselves up to all possibilities. We remind ourselves at the cellular structure who we are and what we are capable of achieving.

I feel when you engage in life the emotions which burst forth are joy, peace, excitement, happiness… And those are the best emotions to hold in order to attract and manifest the desires of your heart.

The last piece is the receiving. To me this means holding the right beliefs in your mind to support what universe is delivering to you.  It means creating a vacuum in your life for universe to fill with what you desire. It is about standing tall with arms open wide declaring to the universe “I am open and ready to receive NOW.”

Over the past month as I have engaged in my soul’s knowing, I have experience challenges. I have had to examine my thoughts on a regular basis. But the outcome has been rewarding. I am getting it. Allow~Engage~ Receive.

Once again I am enjoying  harmony in my life. I experience joy, peace and satisfaction. I hold my arms wide open and I have begun once again to receive  my wants and desires. Ahh…(deep sigh)

Join me in the journey of listening to our soul whispers, allowing~engaging~receiving.

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