About Esther

Esther official pix cropped 2011In 2004 I had my biggest life wake up call when I realized that not only did I not love myself, I did not like myself, in fact I loathed pretty much everything about myself.

To the world I was perceived as a confident, successful, creative, fun, attractive, outgoing person.

On the inside I was teeming with insecurities about my body, how I looked and my capabilities. I was binge eating and then starving myself. Abusing my body with words and substance.

I searched for love in all of the wrong places.

Inner anger easily provoked resulted in acting out and drama. Lack of trust and not feeling confident about myself meant that every date I went on rarely led to a second. Jobs I interviewed for were a bust.

I was focused on controlling all aspects of my life because I believed if I stopped controlling everything, my life would fall apart. I was earning decent money but it was just enough to live month by month.

Any of this sound familiar?

My wake up call came while lying on my chiropractor’s table. He asked me a simple question: Why don’t you like yourself? A question that shook me at my core and triggered an emotional breakdown during which I dropped to my knees in prayer and cried out to God for help.

Immediately a series of synchronicities presented. The right and perfect people, situations and information flowed into my life showing me that change is possible, I can design my life the way I want it to be, that I am worthy, deserving and lovable and that beliefs shape our reality.

I read an article on how thoughts become things and how we can manifest our ideal life through our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Truly within 48 hours of my chiropractic shake up to wake up, my life began to change for the better.

Today I am living the lifestyle of my dreams. Traveling the world as nomad, meeting amazing people enjoying fabulous life experiences.

Where as once I was convinced wishes and dreams don’t come true, I now LIVE my wishes and dreams, reveling in the creative process of life.

I’ve made peace with my body and with food.

Every area of my life has improved and keeps expanding: money abundance, fun, adventure, love, healthy relationships, creativity, inner peace and joy.

I LOVE myself and I LOVE life even when it becomes sticky because I see the beauty, learning and growth even in the sticky bits and they help me to launch new dreams and desires.

I utilize my gifts, talents and abilities for all.

I am really good at getting to the core of issues for deep change during personal inner work sessions. The information that comes through during Divine Guidance readings has proven to be so spot on that many of my clients book readings once or twice a year for clarity, confirmation, update and understanding.

I LOVE opening people up to greater consciousness during sessions, classes and through social media posts.

I also host Sacred Spirit Journey’s at amazing high energy and interesting spots around the world bringing beautiful like minded people together for adventure, transformation, community and fun.

Places like the Bosnian Pyramids, Spain to Walk the Camino, Iceland to play in the Vortexes of the land of Fire and Ice; Morocco to Expand our Feminine Energies.

When once my life was full of disappointment, depression, failure, insecurities and doom and gloom, now my life is full of wonder, curiosity, love, joy and fun!

I would be honoured to assist you in your journey to break-free of a so so life and soar to heights beyond your wildest imagination. To help you stand in the personal power of who you truly are, Divine, and create the life you always wanted regardless of what anyone thinks. Making your wishes and dreams come true.

Love, Esther

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