About Esther

Back in 2004 I had a BIG life wakeup call when I realized that not only did I not love myself, I didn’t even like myself. In fact, I pretty much loathed everything about me. To the world I was perceived as a confident, successful, creative, fun, attractive and outgoing person.

On the inside I was teeming with insecurities about my body, how I looked, my capabilities and how others received me.

I seesawed back and forth between binge eating and starving myself.

My inner self talk was defeatist.

I searched for love, connection and acceptance in all the wrong places.

My unexpressed anger was easily provoked, resulting in self-destructive and dramatic behaviour.

I was hyper focused on controlling all aspects of my life because I believed if I stopped controlling everything, my life would fall apart.

Any of this sound familiar?

My wake up call came while lying on a chiropractor’s table. He asked me a simple question: Why don’t you like yourself? A question that shook me at my core, yes, I was physically shaking. The question also triggered an emotional breakdown during which I dropped to my knees in prayer and cried out to God for help.

Immediately, and I mean immediately within an hour or two, a series of what I call magic and miracles; divine synchronicities presented. The right and perfect people, situations and information flowed into my life showing me that change is possible. I didn’t have to be miserable. I can design my life the way I want it to be. I am worthy, deserving and lovable and that beliefs shape our reality. Oh, that was a big one. In fact, it has become the foundational focus of my life and work. Beliefs Shape Our Reality.

The information air dropped by Universe, resonated deeply within me. I took it to heart and to action and, true story, within 48 hours of my chiropractic shake up to wake up, my life began to change for the better.

Flash forward to today, I have created a lifestyle that I am wild about. My time is my own. I follow my creative urges and inspirations. I make my own decisions. I take time for enjoying hobbies and health practice like learning, reading, swimming, sunning, sailing; exploring. I live in places that make me happy. Travel the world, meeting amazing people, enjoying fabulous experiences. Making connections with those who hold similar visions and values. And nothing brings me more joy and soul fulfillment than helping people, just like you, experience life-changing breakthroughs that lead to more dreams come true.

I love myself and I love life even when it becomes sticky, because I see the beauty all around us. I see the potential in each situation. I understand that this messy bit is moving me towards something better. And each step launches new dreams and desired outcomes.

Right from the get-go of my huge aha and awakening, I knew that I was destined to help people break free from limitation and expand into a greater version of themselves.

How did I know? In the early days I heard a voice from within, a voice I now know as my Higher Self, whisper to me, Heal yourself and then take what you learned and help other people.

That same inner voice led me to a modality called Core Belief Engineering. I used CBE (for short) to transform my inner world and my outward reality. 2004-2005 I studied to become a certified CBE practitioner (it was more challenging than my three years at McGill University) and opened a private practice, first in person and now online.

Along the way, I discovered that I am skilled at getting to the core of people’s issues for the facilitation of deep change. The information that comes through during my readings of Divine Guidance has proven to be so spot on that many of my client’s book readings once or twice a year for clarity, confirmation, update and understanding.

In 2015 I made another dream come true when I started hosting travel retreats bringing beautiful like-minded people together for adventure, transformation, community and fun. My retreats take place at high energy, interesting, off the beaten path locations around the world. Places like the Bosnian Pyramids, Spain to Walk the Camino de Santiago, Iceland to play in the Vortexes of the land of Fire and Ice; Corfu to soak in the energy of healing ley lines and Blue Mind Therapy.

And then, in August 2021, another great expansion happened in my life when I dived into Circadian and Quantum Biology learning about the healing power of the Sun, the Giver of Life.

I’ve fully committed to a circadian quantum lifestyle and frequently share what I learn with my clients and people I connect with through socials and my newsletter. I believe we were beautifully designed by God to be in symbiotic relationship with the Sun. A relationship we as collective have gotten away from.

Listen, real talk here, my life is not “perfect.” But it is perfect for me and my journey. Sure, I have my ups and downs and sometimes life delivers a shake up, but now, instead of allowing bumps to determine how feel, act and live each day, I KNOW how to navigate life’s unexpected and uncomfortable situations. The same processes, techniques and practices I use on myself I use with my clients.

I would be honoured to assist you in your journey and help you to soar to heights beyond your wildest imagination. To stand in your personal power as a Divine Being of Light. Create the life you always wanted regardless of what anyone thinks. Making your wishes and dreams come true.

Love, Esther

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