The words and wisdom below are not mine.

I was at the gym this morning on the crazy Precor machine. My quads were screaming for relief and I glanced up at the dozens of TV screens above my head.

One screen caught my eye and I watched mesmerized. There was no sound only visual.

I don’t know what program or station I was watching. I don’t know who was delivering this beautiful gem, but I grabbed it and thought to myself, “Readers of my blog will love this.”

So thanks and blessings to the one who came up with  this acronym. If I knew who you were I would give you credit.

THINK (Before You Speak)

T – is what you are about to say Truth?

H– will the words Harm or Heal?

I– do the words inspire?

N– is it necessary to say these words?

K– be kind as you speak them

~Love, Esther





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