Fay wrote this article for her newsletter Today’s Spirit Journal. With her permission I repost it for all of you.     Thanks Fay.


I learned many years ago to follow up on anything that seemed to come out of left field. 

Generally speaking nothing should be considered coincidence, rather “signposts” of some sort generally appear when they are meant to.  I am sure you have all heard the  old expression, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

Sometimes when I write newsletters I think they are really hitting the mark, while others I am not so sure of.  Last month was one of those “I’m not so sure of” months, although as soon as it went out I received notes from many of my subscribers thanking me for a great newsletter. One of them was Esther Bartkiw.  I don’t know why her one line email struck me but  I googled her email url thinking for some reason I just should.   I liked her picture right away, and was very impressed by both sites she was associated with.  I assumed there was a reason she wrote me and that her note stuck out from amongst the rest.  And so, I followed that assumption.

I have learned again not to ignore the signposts. I had been struggling that week and was not feeling full of energy.  I thought to myself – she must have wrote for a reason so I signed up for a session ( channeling) with Esther through Whispers from the Soul.

I found Esther to be insightful and helpful at a time that I needed it most and asked her to contribute an article this month as one of my “guest columnists”.  You will find that column below. I hope you enjoy her take on life as much as I did.

I use the term signposts after reading a terrific book called “the Unmistakable Touch of Grace” by Cheryl Richardson.  You may refer to the feeling as intuition, gut instinct, or by a number of different names.  My only advice to you is rather than sweep the feeling away, live with it for a few minutes.  Perhaps it is an opportunity for you to learn something new, or just explore an avenue that you had never thought of before.

Take a little detour this month, and listen to that little voice!

Fay Chapple  Blue Avalon ( check out her website)

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