I recently had the most incredible experience at a Whispers from the Soul event. Esther Bartkiw who channels a group of non-physical beings called The Tribunal invited a small group of people over to her home for a special event. I didn’t know quite what to expect because I had never been to anything like this before but I felt pulled to go and trusted my instincts. It turned out to be an evening full of “a-ha moments” and I want to share one of those moments with you.


I’ve been on an amazing spiritual journey for the past 5 years. I love the feeling of being connected to something greater than myself. I have a thirst for exploring this incredible world that we can’t see or touch yet feel deep within. Spirituality is a part of me now and it’s made my life much more meaningful.


At the same time, I also find myself struggling to reconcile my spirituality with my everyday life. As a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur, there are lots of demands on my time. As a result, I often feel “sucked” back into my daily routine and lose sight of my spiritual connection. But when I focus on deepening my spiritual practice, I find myself wondering what the point is of our daily tasks. These “necessary” tasks feel useless to me from a spiritual perspective.

When Esther gave me the opportunity to ask The Tribunal a personal question, I was eager to get their perspective on my dilemma. Their feedback gave me a whole new outlook.


The Tribunal shared with me that a spiritual awakening can only happen in a physical body. They explained that we are here in our physical bodies to connect with our spiritual selves. It’s about being connected to the non-physical part of ourselves while driving our kids to hockey practice, making lunches and preparing for a meeting. Spirituality is about exploring our non-physical selves while being completely grounded in our physical selves. That is what our journey on earth is meant to do for us. I finally get it now!


So as I continue to explore my spirituality, I now have a deeper sense of appreciation for my time here in this physical body. I see my daily tasks as a way to further connect to my spiritual self.


Thank you to The Tribunal! I now have a sense of clarity that always eluded me in the past. And for this, I am eternally grateful.


Written by Renée Walker

Co-Founder, Mothers on Fire



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