9-9-9 Energy Update: Jupiter the planet of luck, good fortune, expansion, adventure, risk taking and an amplifier of whatever energies are in play moves into the sign of Libra today for 13 months and this is an uber significant move in the cosmos.
This planetary shift of signs will effect each of us individually and the world on a global scale in a grand grand way. Libra is the sign of balance, compromise, diplomacy, harmony, justice. Couldn’t we use some of that in the world right now? And not just in the world in our own lives as well. Jupiter is going to amp up that Libra energy until October 2017. To paraphrase astrologer Nadiya Shah this could be our saving grace.
And as we are about to enter into a new spiritual cycle in 2017 a one year, one signalling new beginnings, what better influence to do it under then Jupiter and Libra.
I see this as a boost forward full throttle with new power, new light, deeper love, compassion, strength, the ability to see all sides. The release of judgement of self and for other people. And not just people we judge countries, religions, companies, ideas, everything… it’s time to stop the judgement and if you are not able to accept, move into a space of neutrality. Dissolving the unrest, anger, protest and volatility that judgement breeds.
Jupiter into Libra has the potential to create life changing situations for all and for the world as hope, expansion, opportunities and belief in Self and others springs forth.
We will be more likely to seek balance and solutions to problems rather then drop into victim consciousness and lash out. This is particularly exciting for the collective.
And all of this Jupiter Libra energy will accelerate 5D living for each of us individually, all of humanity and the Earth.
Challenges that we have undergone some for decades will begin to close out. Nine is the number of endings, closure, completion. And on September 9, 2016 9-9-9 we have triple 9 energy in effect. If you are ready to move on closure is at hand. So get your parts on board with closing out contracts and agreements with people. Ending self sabotaging behaviors. Completing cycles of abuse, poverty, ill health and lack luster relationships.
What you release and put into motion on 9-9-9 and throughout the Jupiter in Libra period will effect your life and the world scene for years to come. Jupiter in Libra is inviting you to a grand party. Will you accept the invitation and show up?
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Jupiter in Libra is not going to create world peace, bring you a Divine partner or complete that patterning for you. You live on a free will planet.  But it does offer the energetic atmosphere for you, me, all of humanity to create these possibilities in our lives and in the world.
~Love, Esther

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