Earlier this week I wrote on Facebook about a Major Energy Shift happening for many. The information given to me was that on November 1st  late in the day many people especially those on a conscious journey of Ascension, reached a turning point or it could be described as a 180 of change. Something happened and an instant shift occurred locking you onto a new frequency track and path of possibility.

How I see it is that since our September Eclipse Season we have been moving along in our journey feeling not quite in the groove but still making progress. That not in the groove feeling was because we were making a switch to a new frequency and the switch was taking just a little bit longer then usual. Our day to day experience combined some smooth sailing and some rumbling. Think of when a train switches tracks. Smooth ride then a little bump and jolt and then onto a new track. That is what was happening in your life.

But on Nov 1st, yes specifically that day, for many there was a lock onto the new track!  Certainly for some it could have been the day before and for others the day after and some people may still be in that space of making the switch but WOW what I am seeing, hearing and receiving is that many made the Shift. Fabulous news!

Readers of my Facebook posts chimed in saying they felt the shift. Noticed the shift. Are experiencing the shift. That what I wrote about was exactly what was happening in their lives. Lots of confirmation of this Shift at hand!

Today I offer an update. In just a couple of days feeling much more in the groove, motivated and excited about possibilities we are being asked to take action supporting our new path and vibrations. This is where your responsibility comes in sweet Being of Light. You see you can shift your vibration and move onto a new frequency track but the follow through is important to co-create the change you seek.

The guidance of inspired action is coming, in fact I can see it is pouring in for many of you. For instance if you desire better health in this new frequency you are vibing with that potential. Now the guidance comes forth of nutritional changes, body movement add ons, new attitude, perhaps purchasing new workout clothes or hiring a coach to support you in more health and well being.

We are being asked to let go of old support structures. What and or whom supports you in your day to day? It’s time to update, upgrade and refresh according to your new vibration. Entrepreneurs and those in corporate vocations will notice this as: It’s time to let go service providers who are no longer frequency specific and are dropping the ball. Revamping your website. Letting go of products and services that are out of date or no one seems to desire and replace them with products and services that serve humanity NOW. Mom and dads may switch up child care services. Or maybe a new support system of friends, therapist, health care practitioner is being called for.

Listen to the whispers of guidance, take heed and action. The action will start to form tangible changes in your life based on your new frequency and path of potential that was ushered in this week.

We are engulfed in the most amazing blend of closure and new beginnings at the back end of this year. The nine energy of endings and completions and the one energy of fresh starts are both spiraling around us and through us. Make the most of the energies and you will step through the threshold to 2017 a whole new you in a whole new life experience.

~Love, Esther

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